Friday, November 6, 2009

drunko bunco...minus the bunco!

this month's bunco couldn't get here fast enough considering everyone decided to skip last months due to our girl's trip to new orleans. shannon hosted the great affair at her mom and dad's house, and it was gorgeous with the best fire pit ever in the backyard.

so with all that has happened in the last month, we couldn't wait to get out of our house and enjoy some quality mommy chatter. in fact, that's all we, laugh, talk, squeal, talk, laugh, again, and again. it was awesome. i don't even remember the specifics of what we talked about, but all i know is that i definitely needed that.the night was cool and crisp as we all sat around the fire pit in the backyard. it felt fabulous. we joked about next time wearing our snuggies considering we all sat out there for about 4-5 hours. we had our own special bartender (steve) who refilled our wine glasses if ever they were half empty, and the only time anyone got up and went inside was to pee. i was having a good time. some of the discussions were fun and easy while others were deep and thought-provoking. also, the fire was mesmerizing. i just love stuff like that, and it's more than wonderful being with a group of women who "get" you and vice i know you're probably wondering..."well, did ya'll even play bunco?" the answer: nope. the time ran away from us, the clock struck midnight, and we then thought, "oops. guess everyone is a winner!" so we got to pocket our own 10 bucks and call it an awesome night. guess this is proof as to why we shouldn't skip a month. drunko bunco, oh how i love thee!so do you love the shnazzy jumpsuit that seis got for yankee belle? it's pretty awesome, no? maybe it will be her new lucky bunco it.


Yankee Belle said...

I am SO looking forward to the snuggie party!!!!!!!