Sunday, November 8, 2009

give and take

life was good today. it started off with me picking up my nearby neighbor and BFF. we headed over to the cahaba village where we checked out the new sushi bar called "maki fresh." it was delicious. then, we walked over to "massage envy" where we both received a full body massage that lastly an hour. i couldn't help but tweet, "just had ears massaged. end result: eargasmic." it was heavenly.

so after our massages, we walked around and scoped out some of the nearby shops. inside one of them, we found some "head massagers." we were still on a high from the surge of endorphins and wanted to maintain the "feel good" aura we were on. we each bought our own. jump in the car, and YB has already busted hers out. it was hilarious. it was awesome. i tried mine and almost felt like i needed to shake my leg like a dog does while scratching his junk. you know what i'm talking about. we giggle. we snort. we since we chose "massage envy" over a massage at ross bridge, we still had some play money leftover. what's a girl to do? yup. head to tj. maxx. i bought me a scarf, snuggie, and some polos for jay. and yes, you read that right. i said snuggie. here's another twitter status..."i am now the lucky owner of a snuggie. my current blankets gently weep." winter, i am ready! OH, so while YB and i are browsing around the home department of the maxx, i saw a white sculpture that was only intended for us to find immense pleasure in. for you see, it was a sculpture of a hand flaunting a peace sign. it was YB's signature pose. it was fate. did we buy it? hell no. but we got a funny picture with! :) here we are being dorks. peace!okay. so you wanna know why we were allowed to have such an awesome day? because in all honesty, we know that any man in their right mind would be a bit bothered if not hesitant at allowing his wife to go out, eat sushi, get a massage, and do some shopping if strings weren't attached. i'll explain why...

friday, jay (along with mitchelle) and two other hubbies took the day off from work so that they could enjoy a foursome game of golf. their tee time was at 9:00am, and i am not kidding you when i say that they played (and drank) all the way up until 6:30pm. let's do the math, shall we? that's over 9+ hours, 27+ holes, and 15+ beers per golfer. we were receiving texts and phone calls all day about what a grand time they were having. i was happy for them as long as jay walked through the door in time for me to go to bunco.

so to make a long story short. YB (the master of all minds) came up with a plan. a scheme of brilliant design if you'd say. she knew that they were all drunk and in the best moods so she called her hubby and asked if the girls could have a spa day on sunday so that the outings are reciprocated. he fell for it. before YB could call me and book our appointments, i got a text from jay that said, "have fun at ya'lls spa day." holyshat. was it really that easy?? fortunately, it was. and *that* my friends is why we are keeping our BFFs around for a VERY.LONG.TIME. gotta love teamwork!


Yankee Belle said...

Lets do it again tomorrow! I seriously could.

Elizabeth said...

Bravo! The art of negotiation is a beautiful thing:)