Saturday, November 14, 2009

happy birthday, mary grace!!

saturday morning, we headed over to chelsea park in honor of mary grace's 3rd birthday party. the theme was a "wow wow wubzy" one, and the handmade decorations were super cute. the mabster and toshy enjoyed playing in the playground and swinging side by side together. they also colored on the pavement with some sidewalk chalk, and it was so sweet watching toshy try and color with "the big kids." she was actually doing a fairly decent job. here are some pics...after all the kids ran around and played, we all sang happy birthday to mary grace as she blew out the candle on her wubzy cake. which by the way, the mabster LOVES her some "wow wow wubzy" so she thought it was the coolest thing. the kids even chased after a wubzy "kickity kickball." also, kim made cupcakes inside of an ice cream cone for everyone, and i thought that was a darling little idea. of course the mabster just licks off the icing. go figure. overall, it was a great fall day to be outside and celebrating. happy birthday, mary grace!