Wednesday, November 18, 2009

happy birthday, pawpaw!!

yesterday was my dad's birthday (aka pawpaw) so we all met up at the o'charley's in center point to celebrate with a birthday dinner. the whole family was there, and it was comforting actually being back at that restaurant considering karla and i use to work there for years during our high school days. we sat there and reminisced while eating and having the whole glass house section to ourselves. as soon as we got there, lola had the mabster's favorite (chicken quesadilla) waiting for her. she inhaled it. we ate, chatted, and listened to the kids babble up a storm. here are some pics.after we were all finished eating, the waitress brings out a caramel pie and we all sing, "happy birthday." the mabster couldn't resist taking a seat on pawpaw's lap to get the most she could out of the sugary goodness. also, everyone got a kick out of when pawpaw asked the mabster how old she was...she showed 3 fingers. then he'd ask how old is pawpaw?...she would raise 4 fingers. then he'd ask how old is lola?...the mabster started repeatedly throwing up all her fingers...and kept going. it was hilarious. (side note: i think that is pawpaw's most favorite thing he has ever taught the mabster.)overall, it was a great dinner with the ones i love. i love my family, and i absolutely love this time of year. happy birthday, pawpaw. we love you!!

and oh, i just had to post this we were walking out the door and saying our goodbyes, i turn around and catch tita karmie doing the "bum-bum" dance while the mabster spanked her. dear lord. i hope i never live to see them two hit up home field together....


Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.