Friday, November 27, 2009

iron bowl

today was the day that every living and breathing soul in the south had been anxiously awaiting...the auburn vs. alabama football game. originally, we had no special plans for the day. just a quiet day at home since we thought the game was going to be a slaughter. then at the last minute, we decided to have a few people over. karla maria, blue momma, and their families arrived shortly before kickoff at 1:30pm. jay cooked a big pot of chili, BM made her infamous cheesy bread, and we had brownies for dessert (in honor of YB). we are all auburn fans minus blue dadda, and blue momma claimed "non-denominational." we are in the south, ya know. here are some pics...when everyone first arrived, we thought it would be fun to start a $1 pot for who can guess the closest score of the game. i like a dose of good clean healthy competition, and i love knowing a reward is involved. it's fun. so we all write down our best guesstimations. the game is on, and auburn is continuously in the lead. it was fan-freakin-tastic. no one expected this. i mean, NO.ONE. i swear i could hear lola screaming from the plains, and i'm fairly certain that my dad was used as her punching bag with all the hits of excitement.

also, being the awesome friends we are, we were blowing up YB's phone with some trash-talking since she is a HUGE bama fan. karla maria and blue momma were feeding off of each other, and then BM told me that i could throw her under the bus and say that she said, "two miracles happened tonight: 1.) auburn almost beat undefeated alabama. 2.) yankee belle was quiet for an hour and a half." i love it. seriously though, it was an AWESOME game! i really enjoyed watching it, even though bama got the "W." it was a good game all around, and definitely a nail-biter.

lastly, the final score of the game was 26 to 21, and of all the people to come up with the closest score, it was BM. yup, that's right. the one who knows nothing of football. only the colors of each team. in fact, i texted YB that, "we converted BM" only for her to respond with, "she is easily persuaded. someone who knows nothing of football, doesn't know any better." HA! true. i love you, hussies!!


Heather S. said...

Damn, BM has been allowing herself to be photographed a lot lately. I think you may have finally broken her down.

Kim said...

i know, right!? i am definitely rubbing off on her...for the better, of course! :)

Amber said...

I thinking its too funny that all the Auburn fans betted on Bama to win lol. And I LOVE your new pic at the top! Thats too cute!