Friday, November 20, 2009

new moon

last night, i met up with the girls for dinner at california pizza kitchen around 6:30pm. we all sat down and began babbling about the twilight marathon that was about to take place. everyone was excited to be sharing the experience with good close company. it was great. YB and i were all about being on "team edward" that we even rocked our t-shirts. we knew the ridiculously cheesy twilight flair was going to be in full effect so we wanted to make sure we were there to represent. holla!while at dinner, we all announced which "team" we were on. karla maria and keri were all about being on "team jacob" because they thought that edward was far too skinny for their taste. admittedly, i have to agree. the dude needs to eat a hamburger and pump some iron. BM and L never really claimed a team because they were pretty much there to enjoy the night. they liked both, so they were completely torn. actually, i don't think BM even really cared. she just made fun of us the whole night. here is a picture of some of us while at dinner. the picture speaks for itself. too we were told to get there an hour early by the ticket lady just to make sure we got good seats. that we did. we hopped, skipped, and jumped right over to the summit movie theater and were one of the first ones there. we chose the best seats in the house, used the bathroom, and ordered some drinks at the concession stand. we had enough time to kill so YB, lynda, and keri quickly left for a beer run. thanks to BM's diaper bag, sneaking it into the theater was no problem at all. we got settled and waited till twilight began at 9:00pm. here are some pre-movie pictures. can you tell we are excited? twilight begins. i almost forgot how painfully bad that movie was compared to the book. the scenes were choppy, the acting was horrendous, and the effects and make-up were laughable. did i mention that the ridiculously corny one-liners (such as "spider monkey" and "my monkey man") were just as funny the second go round? yup. they were. don't get me wrong, it's an awesome storyline that produced an okay movie, BUT i could have done without those said little failures. overall, the first movie ended at 11:00pm so we had another hour to socialize, drain our bladders, and refill our drinks. here's a picture of YB and KM with a lady who draped herself in a huge edward blanket. we thought it was awesome. she was so proud of the wanna-be movie snuggie. in fact, i believe she stood up the whole time in attempts of fishing for compliments. we bite. hook, line, and sinker...picture is it's about 12:30am, and finally new moon begins to play. we are stoked. everything i just complained about in twilight had disappeared. bella's acting was believable minus the tourette-like facial and eye spasms that were overplayed, and i don't even remember hearing a single cheesy one liner. thank you. they finally got this one right. good job. the matrix-like fight scene was my favorite, and the movie seemed to fly by. also, when jacob threw off his shirt before wiping bella's bloody forehead, the whole crowd squealed in delight. it was salvitatingly delicious. it was hysterical.

before i go any further, would you like to know what the highlight of my night was? i'll tell ya. two words: first word starts with the letter B. second word rhymes with llama. that's correct. it was blue momma. so during the movie, she starts falling asleep. she's old. we understand. she looked peaceful. we were just glad that she was finally quiet. fast forward about 10 minutes to the quietest scene in the whole movie. insert the loudest thunderous snore you've ever heard, and that would be blue momma's. the snore lasted about 5 seconds long. no exaggeration. no ma'am, not this time. it was gut-busting and priceless.

i'm sure the whole theater heard it because our whole row along with the row behind us just died laughing. KM starts poking her. YB sat on the other side of me and asked, "what the hell was that!?" then she starts throwing a twizzler at her in hopes of waking her up. the woman didn't budge. she was O-U-T. the opportunity was all mine. i wasn't going to lose it. not this time. picture.taken...ahhh, every time i think about that snore, i still laugh uncontrollably. good times, great movie, awesome company. i got home around 3:30 in the morning after dropping everyone off and was exhausted. new moon was awesome and totally worth staying up WAY past my bedtime. now we're all ready for eclipse to come out. i'll have to purchase a muzzle for BM come this time next year, i'm sure. love you, bitches!!


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like ya'll had a blast!! Woo Hoo! Team Edward!! (I wouldn't mind seeing Jacob shirtless though). I just finished New Moon and now I am dying to see the movie!

Blue Momma said...


You know you love me.

*Yankee Belle* said...

Im still LMAO!!! It could not have been a more memorable event. And the movie being good was the cherry on top. Bring on Eclipse!!!

Becca said...


btw, y'all are dorks! ;)