Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"pink is my favorite color...."

so daddy couldn't wait on santa to surprise the mabster with her very own set of pink golf clubs. this was no surprise to me. if the man gets an itch, he scratches it fast. plus, i believed the faster he got them for her, the quicker another golf game would be etched upon his calendar of weekend activities.

furthermore, he set out during his lunch break to find pink golf clubs, pink balls, and her very own pink and white golf shoes. if there was a pink visor in her size, i'm sure she'd be donning that as well. anywayz. so daddy gets home and surprises the mabster with her gift. they head out to the back yard to practice some swings and putts. the mabster knocks some balls around, and then runs to trampoline with an even better swing. ay yi yi! focus, sweet child. focus.

so they play around a bit and then proceed to come back inside. the mabster said she had fun and then laid her clubs down. suddenly, toshy quickly picked one up and hit the ball better than both daddy and the mabster. with that said, i believe toshy will be our little athlete. i saw the fire in her eyes. a burning passion and determination to "get it right." (sigh) i can't wait to watch some organized sports...


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