Saturday, November 21, 2009

supper club

saturday night while the girls were at the uab basketball game with family, jay and i had a lovely time out for supper club. shannon and steve hosted this month's meet up and chose a "thanksgiving dinner" theme. it was great. a hint of thanksgiving festivities a week before the real deal was here and with friends instead of family. what's not to be thankful for?

shannon cooked her first turkey ever, and we were all impressed. it was delicious. we joked about the bag of "insides" that they leave in the turkey for you if you chose to cook those parts as well, or even mix it with the gravy. luckily, shannon threw the guts and goo in the trash, thus rendering us even more thankful. because in the words of mag, "i really don't want any jiblets in my mouth." hehehe.

we laugh and talk while making our favorite glass of wine, and then the girls all gave each other a toast. later, we all sit down and start to eat dinner. the menu consisted of turkey, green bean and corn casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, squash casserole, salad and dressing, and pecan pie for dessert. all of it was pleasing to the taste to say the least. here are some pics...after dinner, we all make ourselves another glass of wine and head outside to the infamous fire pit in the back patio. the night's climate condition was perfect. not too cold to bust out a snuggie, but perfect. so we all sat around and shared stories the whole night. the conversations just flowed and flowed. once one person shared an embarrasing gym locker moment, another person had something to add on. steve was a hoot that night and very much in rare form. he talked about "gravity gone wild" and even mimicked the locker strut of "this old man...he played six..." oh so very comical and it started sprinkling for a little bit which forced us inside for awhile. what did we do? we played "guesstures." this game is like charades on speed. we played women versus boys and about nearly pissed ourselves while laughing so hard at each other. at first the game was fairly easy. we laughed as we thought it was for little kids or the special olympics. all i remember was someone was trying to make hand motions of turning the dials on a "radio" when jon screams out, "tuning tokyo...titties!!" good grief. i died right there. here are some pics.surprisingly, the guys were spanking us. we made the game more fun by only selecting from the hard cards. next thing i know, the guys are celebrating after every win by chest bumping each other. which only lead to the girls winning, making fun of them, and chest bumping too. hehehe. i love this group. another successful supper club down and many more to come! jay and i had a great time, and it felt even better coming home to kidless house for some mommy and daddy time. brown chicken, brown cow...(ahem) here's a quick group picture minus a few. you supper clubbers ROCK!