Sunday, November 15, 2009

sweet dreams

today (as a family) we had one goal to accomplish. that goal? find the mabster her perfect "big girl bed." i don't really feel the need to justify on here why she needs one because i could rant all day about it. i could even provide a picture of her legs hanging off of her toddler bed for further proof, but please, i won't bore you.

so after breakfast, we all preceded to look a rooms to go kids. this place is a bedroom paradise for kids. i was slight envious as i looked around at all of the options. i mean seriously, where was all of this kind of stuff when i was a kid?! there were princess and bunk beds galore. castle, canopies, tents, slides, pirate ships, and race cars...who knew sleeping could be the mabster and toshy were loving every second of being in that store. not to mention, jay and i were feeding off of each other's excitement too as we screamed across the room, "hey sweetie, come look at this one!" i'd have to say that the girls really liked this particular bed. i mean REALLY. take a look...they played on it the whole time. toshy would climb halfway up the slide before falling on her belly and gliding back down. the mabster giggled from the top bunk as she screamed down to baby sister to "watch out" because she was going down the slide next. they were having a blast. it was like an indoor park with a mattress.

so i know you're wondering..."did ya'll buy it?" my reply: not no. but hell no. sure it's all fun and games...until no one's watching and the oldest pushes the youngest backwards off the top and on to the slide all while landing straight on her delicate little head. don't get me wrong, i wanted it for myself. i did. but having a past history of being a nurse and watching far too many "rescue 911" episodes when i was younger, i knew this bed meant trouble. and i am definitely not one to flirt with the idea of bad news. instead, this is what we picked...*swoon* isn't she beautiful? she's an ivy league cherry sleigh bed. she's simple. classy. durable. functional. and SAFE. all around, pretty damn comforting. i mean, my kids are going to be using this bed until they leave for college so it's got to be "the one." a timeless piece shall we say. so we made the purchase of two twin beds. (i'll explain that later this week as well. with pics to document of course. i would not want to disappoint.) think future guys, future. and NO i am not pregger. (knock on wood) hopefully not for awhile.

also, toshy had a field day with a massive red and white polka dot bean bag that was there. watching her pounce on it, was like watching a wild beast mount his prey. it was laughable and adorable. what was even funnier was watching her try to roll and wiggle herself out of it. big sister thought it was hysterical too. i love those damn conclusion, we left feeling good about our decision. they will be delivered on friday, and good god almighty, i can't wait to redecorate and move around some furniture in both of the girls rooms. out with the old, and in with the new!


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