Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving: round 1

wednesday night, we all spent the night at the lakehouse in preparation of thanksgiving the following day. we wake up early in the morning, and all start getting ready. i was the last one to take a shower so by the time the 9:1 ratio (9 people to 1 shower) marked my turn, the hot water on full blast was lukewarm. i didn't mind one bit. in fact, i can't stand a steaming hot shower. however, jay is the opposite. luckily, he went first. i digress. so once everyone was dressed and ready, we drive up to mamaw's (aka the farmhouse). here's a quick family picture of us on the front porch swing while at the how stinkin' cute are the girls in their matching turkey shirts? thanks, maloney! we absolutely love them. so we arrive at the farmhouse where mamaw has a delicious thanksgiving feast awaiting us. the turkey, dressing, casseroles, and pies were all sooo yummy! here's a family picture of all of us at the dinner table. jay propped up my point and shoot, and ran before the timer went off. the first time was unsuccessful and hilarious as the camera nose-dived right before the picture took. but the second time? perfection. here we are...we filled our bellies full, and then just laid around while watching football. the kids took a nap, and pawpaw did too. toshy fell asleep while holding her babydoll with tita karmie, and it was the sweetest thing ever. little things like that remind me of how much i love my family and how overwhelming thankful i an hour passes (kinda like no swimming right after you eat for fear of cramping and drowning...yeah, that rule applied here), and we are ready to go play outside. mamaw gave the mabster an old loaf of bread and let us go to the back pond to feed the fishies. we were all excited. the mabster and cousin carson were loving it. they'd throw out the bread, watch it float, and then the catfish and bream would come and swallow it whole. here are some after feeding the fishies, we went back to the farmhouse and told everybody to get ready so that we can head over to "lake maria" for our traditional family picture. we do this every year at thanksgiving, and then, lola turns it into a christmas card to send out to all of our friends and family. this year, pawpaw wanted to take it at "lake maria." for you see, lola and pawpaw own about 200 acres of land up there. so when papaw had that one specific pond made and filled it with catfish, he named it "lake maria" after my mom. kinda sweet, no? i think so. here are some of the pictures that jay took with his camera.afterwards, tita karmie and the mabster went crazy running around in the wheat fields. it was a super windy day which made playing "hide-and-go-seek" super fun. i even tweeted that she achieved the award for "best tita ever." sadly to say that soon after, the title was rejected and tita karmie was disqualified after i overheard her trying to teach the mabster to say, "that's a damn lie." oh sheesh. i can't win for losing. silly rabbits!where's waldo? scratch that. where's the mabster and tita karmie?


Hill Family said...

Looks like ya'll had an awesome holiday! I love all the pics.