Thursday, November 5, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) so i seemed to have misplaced my calendar earlier this week. i looked in all of my "secret hiding places," and yet it was no where to be found. alas, i found it. i was relieved. giddy with a sense of security. where was it? under the a load of laundry that has been placed on the couch. guess you can say that sat there all week too, eh? don't judge me.

2.) admittedly, i punched jay after discovering said calendar. he told me that i would have found it monday if i had finished putting away the laundry then. touche' smart ass, touche'

3.) this weather has been fantastic. if it could stay like this year long, i would never complain. with that said, toshy and i are headed to the park with some friends this morning. we're trying to get the most usage out of being outdoors before this frigid cold comes upon us.

4.) i absolutely refuse allowing my 3-year-old listen to most of today's pop music. not even if brit is counting. seriously though. how do i explain to her that, "no, the counting is not educational. it's a threesome." yikes.

5.) friday night marks our monthly bunco night, and i must say, that i've never looked forward to it as much as i have this week. so much to discuss and well, i will definitely be bringing my own bottle of riesling. bring it, drunko bunco!! i don't even care to win at this point...mommy wants to see her friends!

6.) the mabster is going to the auburn game with lola and pawpaw this weekend. and can i just say that she is SO extremely excited. last year she was scared of aubie, but this year, she has announced that she will "give him a big hug." can't wait to see how that one pans out...

7.) so while the mabster is in auburn with the grandparents, we will be taking toshy to UAB's homecoming game. i don't even know who we play, but boy, am i ready to tailgate in this sunshine. GOOOO BLAZERS!!!

8.) highlight of my week: watching toshy as she tries to master her walk. it's equivalent to that of a stumbling drunk. my chuckles are flowing.

9.) we'll be attending another birthday party at pump it up this weekend...i swear i should buy stock in that place. nonetheless, let's get our bounce on!

10.) a couple of days ago, i received an email invitation to an alzheimer dance. did i forget something?...

11.) so the hubster took the plunge and got braces. in all honesty, he definitely needed them, but i never thought he'd take himself to get them done. i still remember his mom telling me that he absolutely refused when he was younger. so now he's on the verge of being 29 and so excited that he has them. in fact, his facebook status read, "is brace-faced. Now I just need some acne, and I'll be ready for the Friday night game." not to mention his virginity. see, it's silly things like this that make me love him the most.

12.) the other day, i smelled a reeking diaper from the youngest. i looked at the mabster and said, "peeeyoooh!! abby, are you going to change baby sister's diaper?" she responded with, "no, i'm not the mommy." lucky me.

and lastly,

13.) so i've hidden the majority of the halloween candy from my kiddos. my only question is this...who the hell is going to hide it from me!?!


Hill Family said...

Oh - I would so be lost if I couldn't find my calendar!!
Love that Toshy is walking. Have fun this weekend. We miss you guys!!!!

Kim said...

we miss you guys too!! when i got your text message of baby A sleeping in her boo shirt, i just wanted to pick her up through the screen! she is getting SO big already, and LM is taking the role of big bro beautifully! XOXO