Thursday, November 19, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) now that the toshy is walking, i know she misses me holding her as much as i use to. what makes me think this? oh, i don't know...maybe the death grip pinches on my kneecaps are a small way of letting me know that she still cares. i love her.

2.) after jay came home from jiu jitsu the other night, he showed me a fresh bruise on the back of his forearm. i said, "well that sucks." he said, "you should have seen the other guy." if you know my jay, this will make you laugh. uncontrollably. i did.

3.) i love listening to the mabster sing "the blessing" before she eats her food. with thanksgiving being upon us next week, it is what it is. be blessed and give thanks. it is comforting knowing that she feels the same.

4.) tonight is going to be the most ultimate utmost girl's night ever. we are all meeting for dinner and drinks (most likely shots of coffee) at 6:30pm and then watching twilight at 9:00pm followed by new moon at midnight. it's opening night. i'm going with the same group of close friends that saw the first one together so i know it will be great! i am so fakkin' excited!!

5.) tickling the toshy's tummy is one of my most favoritest things to do. what's even cuter is when she tries to tickle me back and says, "ickle, ickle!" her cheeks explode on her face and her eyes turn squinty. just like her mother.

6.) our monthly supper club is this saturday, and it's a thanksgiving dinner theme. we are bringing squash casserole, and the babysitters are lined up. yay for the supper clubbers!

7.) so the christmas decorations are out and in full force. i see my neighbors have followed suit so it made me even happier. i also busted out the ole "elf on a shelf" in hopes of giving my girls more motivation to behave themselves. elvis is doing a fairly decent job. every time the mabster passes him, she looks at him and says, "i'm a good girl!" convincing, no? season's greetings!

8.) the one-year-old is cutting her back molars along with 50 other teeth. the mabster was the same way at this age. they were both late teethers, but when they came in, it was like 6 at one time. ack!

9.) being indecisive is going to be the death of me. that i'm sure. maybe. possibly. hmmm...

10.) that last statement was in relation to me trying to figure out which bedding i wanted to incorporate in the mabster's new big girl room. i was torn between 3 options, but i believe i have made the right choice. stay tuned for pics later...

11.) the youngest has a new found excitement for the toilet. not using it, mind you...but *playing* in it. augh, not good.

12.) here is an example of one of my tweets: Just overheard 1 old lady tell another to "brush her hair" when hers is a hot steamy mess. My advice: start with the man in the mirror. Thx.

and lastly,

13.) so you know how one usually has to pay in some way or another to lose weight? whether it be by a gym membership, weight loss program, protein bars and shakes, diet pills, etc. etc? well, the hubster has started a new deal with me. it's enticing. it's motivating. he now pays me $10 for every pound i lose in a week. last week, i lost 5. that's 50 bucks, people! a chunk of change that will most likely burn a hole in my pocket. nonetheless, it's a reward. almost like a paycheck in a way. who knew money would be the motivation i needed? LOL


Hill Family said...

Oooohhhh! Great girls night planned - wish I was there.

Hill Family said...

Oooohhhh! Great girls night planned - wish I was there.