Saturday, November 21, 2009

uab basketball

saturday night, lola and tita karmie took the girls to the UAB vs. Georgia basketball game while we went to supper club for the night. they met up with tita karla, uncle tre, and cousin carson at the game as well. tip off started at 7:00pm at bartow arena. it was the blazers first real home game, and everyone was excited to be there.

i was given reports that the mabster and toshy ate popcorn the whole time, and cousin carson kept cheering, "go, go, go!!" i'm sure he was just following lola's lead. after halftime, they said that little toshy was fading fast and super tired so lola and tita karmie left to take them home for bedtime. lola said that no sooner than putting the girls in the car, they both passed out. they spent the night at lola and pawpaw's house and loved eating breakfast with bushels of fruit to take home. here are some pictures while they were at the game.overall, UAB beat georgia with a score of 72 to 56. GOOO Blazers!! i'm so glad the mabster and toshy got to experience the basketball game with family even though we could not be there. thank you so much, lola and tita karmie. oh, and thank you, karla maria for taking some pics for me. you guys are the best!