Saturday, November 7, 2009

UAB Homecoming

so after the birthday party, we head straight to the tailgate at legion field. tony and maloney were in charge of supplying the food, and as always, it was delicious. they provided a big pot of gumbo and the fixings, maloney's infamous seven layer bean dip, and some cherry cheesecake. kickoff started at 1:00pm, so we got a little bit over an hour in to socialize before heading into the game. here's a picture of all of us with our "babies." note that maloney's claire had already gone home with her grandparents so instead she posed as karmie's "baby." crazy crackas.the last picture is of our traditional family blazer photo. it's a must do. so toshy really enjoyed herself by sitting beside daddy, eating, and watching some of the other games on tv. then, kassi got there and gave her a big hug. later, kassi put her cute green hat on toshy's liitle head, and it was adorable.furthermore, it felt awesome chilling and relaxing under the tents in the shade with the breeze blowing by. what felt even better was knowing that we just had one kidget to look after, and all she really does is sit there and chill out herself. i have to admit though that during a hot minute, i almost panicked to myself because i didn't see the mabster. then, i realized why. it's kinda crazy how your mind is so use to worrying and looking after two that given the chance of just having one, you really don't know what to do with yourself. it was awkwardly nice in a way.

later, we head into the game where toshy sat on her tita karmie most of the first half. she even rocked tita karmie's aviator sunglasses and looked so ridiculously cute. overall, UAB won with a score of 56-29. GOOO BLAZERS!!