Wednesday, November 11, 2009

veteran's day playdate

today, blue momma hosted a playdate at her house. since it was veteran's day and she knew all of the kids would be out of school, she thought it was a great time to get everyone together for some backyard fun. the kids all held hands while singing, "ring around the poopie diaper" and laughing hysterically on the trampoline. what is it about poop that is so funny? well, they all thought it was hilarious. also, toshy had a great time trying to hang out with all of the big kids. she'd try to climb up the slide only to fall on her knees and slide right back down. persistent little one...later while we were all outside, what looked like hundreds of birds flew over our heads. it was pretty neat to watch, but admittedly, i did fear that poop may potentially land on my face. however, none did. so glad was i. also, check out the "anatomically correct" baby doll. apparently, i was not aware that they made them like this. oh yes, they do. learn something new every day. and lastly, everyone hung out all day long until the sun was just starting to set on the car ride home. we were all exhausted. my kids would like to thank BM for the popcorn balls, and i'd like to say thanks for having us!