Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve!!

this year for NYE, we wanted to celebrate in a low-key fashion while at home with some close friends and our youngsters. to us, there's no better way to bring in 2010 than in comfort with the ones who mean the most to you. it was nice. we had all the ingredients for a fun time for all ages including party hats, tiaras, noisemakers, glowsticks, silly string, leis, champagne, sparkling white grape juice (for the kiddos), and champagne flutes for the celebratory toast at midnight. each family brought over a side dish, and jay cooked some awesome steaks out on the grill. here are some pics...everyone arrived at 6:00pm where we all sat down for dinner and watched the kids play together. the mabster and toshy had so much fun sharing and playing with all of their new christmas toys, as well as watching movies in the mabster's room. the toshy and CJ exchanged kisses early in the night because they knew they wouldn't make it to midnight. also while the guys were downstairs, we decided to have a sneak attack and sabotage the man cave with silly string. both the women and children thought it was awesome and laughed hysterically. the guys were really great sports about it, and luckily, there hasn't been a threat of retaliation.after the shenanigans took place, we headed outside to light some sparklers. the girls had a blast twirling them around while listening and watching our neighbors shoot off some fireworks next door. later, we came inside and switched to coffee so that we could make it to the champagne once the ball dropped. the guys stayed outside by the fire pit where we were warm and cuddled up inside. just ask YB who donned the snuggie all night.the time is getting closer and closer to midnight. we're anxiously flipping to different tv channels and watching what each one had to offer. as usual, T was ready to drop some balls as jay got the champagne ready for us and the sparkling grape juice ready for the kids. we had only the finest...cristale, biotches! kidding. more like a $3 bottle of cook's. hehe. still pretty fabulous. once we all counted down while watching the ball drop, we all screamed "happy new year!" followed by toasting up our flutes to everyone, and then kissing our significant other. awesomeness.the mabster LOVED her bubbly, and it was so cute watching her get all excited because we let her stay up way too late. she can hang with the best of'em, i tell ya. also, J and M jokingly kissed each other as well since they obviously love each other so much. then, they just started acting a fool. i have no idea what the last picture is about. absolutely none. that said, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

thursday's thirteen

1.) so ask me what i've done this bouts aWHOLElatta NOTHING! and by golly gee, it's been absolutely fabulous.

2.) the mabster is a funny one. i know she is too young to understand the concept of days and times right now so i find it hilarious when she tells me, "mommy, it's 7 o'clock. we've got to get ready for big girl school." or "mommy, what's on thursday?" then she likes to spit off to me what our routine is for each day of the week. coincidentally, the only day she has memorized is tuesday because of dance class. baby steps. concepts are clicking...

3.) that said, school and all other functions start back up next week. therefore, we've had two weeks of holiday vacation, and i have grown oh-so very accustomed to hanging out in our pajammies instead of rushing myself and two kids in tow out the door. the weather's been frightfully rainy and cold? wouldn't know. we're hibernating.

4.) our whole house is officially dechristmasized: it's a good thing. i felt like i was drowning in all of the festive clutter. oh, and tinsel on the tree? never again, i say. no more, no less.

5.) so i did a little retail therapy the other night (thanks to my christmas gift cards), and i noticed that bathing suits are out already...ack! no thank you. it's not even january yet. how bizarre.

6.) today is new year's eve...WOOOHOOO!!! do we have big plans? depends on how you define "big." for you see, we are beginning to feel old. we don't want to burn out our babysitters, and well, our college friends who usually host a party every year are headed to savannah. (and there goes the real truth) who does that!? hehe. so instead, we've decided to have a few close friends over tonight (yes, kids included) and see who passes out first. assuming anyone makes it to midnight. should be loads of fun with lots of noisemakers.

7.) for christmas, nana lin and papa john gave jay a nice coffee maker along with bookoo amounts of boxes filled with a variety of gourmet flavors. needless to say, i've been coffee test-tasting all week. my favorites include caramel vanilla cream, southern pecan, and hazelnut. next up: cinnamon pastry. *thoughts- who needs a gym membership to increase my heart rate!? at least laundry is being defeated thanks to the jitters. SO scrumptious. :D

8.) the toshy said her first sentence yesterday. as clear as day, she said, "i want daddy" after she woke up from her nap. it made my heart feel super happy even if it wasn't for me...but at least "momma" was her first word so i will give it to him. LOL

9.) here's a weekly twitter quote: “What you do with your life is only half the equation, what means the most is who you are with when you are living it.” | RT @dowhatisright

10.) during christmas at lola and pawpaw's house, i overheard tita karmie telling the mabster that "you're my best friend under 30." nice. then the mabster playfully attempted to put her in a triangle (one of daddy's jiu jitsu moves) when tita karmie then said, "we're not fighters, we're thinkers. we'd rather hurt their feelings than their faces." oh jeez. (shaking head)

11.) the other day, i saw a dude wearing a t-shirt that said, "life is like a box of terrible analogies." immediately, i wanted to be his friend.

12.) yesterday, jay took off work early to play a round of golf with some buddies. after golf, he planned to attend his weekly wednesday jiu jitsu class. instead of doing either or both, he called me and came home because his back was killing him. i tell ya, he starts pushing thirty and you'd think he was pushing up daisies. needless to say, i enjoyed him coming home early and groaning like an old man.

and lastly,

13.) it's tradition for my side of the family to all get together on new year's day to eat the "good luck" black eyed peas and the such while surrounding ourselves with family. this year, we'll be celebrating at tita karmie's house, and i'm really looking forward to propping my feet up to her indoor fire pit. in the middle of her den. yes, it's THAT awesome.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

wordless wednesday

Monday, December 28, 2009

exchanging gifts...

today after dropping off KM to get her car fixed, the girls and i made our way over to YB's house in order to let the munchkins exchange christmas gifts and have an all day playdate. last week was so slammed busy for obvious holiday reasons and personal ones as well, that we both decided today would be the perfect day.

so the mabster and lil B exchanged gifts and played for hours while my BFF (the tall one) and i ran our mouths off about everything under the sun. words cannot describe how good it felt to see YB again. she's had a rough last couple of weeks so being able to sit down with each other and talk about raw emotions really felt therapeutic. i hate feeling helpless when a friend needs you don't know what to really say or do, but you want them to know you care and are always there for them. the helpless feeling finally went away. (sigh) i'm oh-so very glad to have her back home again.

i digress. so the girls are opening up their presents, and they both receive huge disney princesses beach towels with their names embroidered on them. i lurves me some personalized gifts because i'm too lazy to get them done myself. the toshy loved hers so much that she immediately jumped on it and gave sleeping beauty a hug. it was adorable. also, matching polo dresses. it can't get any cuter than that. seriously. it just can't. thank you, guys. we love ya'll and chilling at our second home! xoxo

Sunday, December 27, 2009

the mabster's new desk

Saturday, December 26, 2009

date night

after the hustle and bustle of all of the holiday frenzy, jay and i were pretty pumped about having a date night out sans the kiddos with some great friends. thanks to lola for making this dream possible since she was willing and able to watch the girls for us and even better, have them spend the night. fan-freakin-tastic. the timing couldn't have been better because i SOO needed it. thank you, thank you, lola!! you are my lifeboat that keeps my sanity afloat.

so we had plans to meet up for dinner at surin at 7:00pm with a few of our old school sorority sisters. alpha love, baby! both jessi and slammy live out of state so we always jump on the opportunity to get together during the holidays since their visits are few and far between. it's always good seeing them and catching up, and we even got to pick from two different colored swatches for what we wanted our bridesmaids dresses to look like for slammy's upcoming wedding. we all chose the cosmopolitan one with the chiffon over it. all i have to say is that the starvation diet begins now because the dresses are going to be elegantly G-A-W-G-E-O-U-S. eek, can't wait!!so after dinner, jay and i head on over to rogue tavern downtown for my high school's "mega-reunion." this was the first year for mike c. to pull this all together, and it consisted of the classes from the 1990s-2000s. it was awesome. i really enjoyed it because we got to experience a high school reunion with my older sister karmie. the funniest thing happened when she was talking to one of her classmates and told him that she was on jeopardy. he didn't believe her so i hear karmie yelling for me to back her up. i vow that she is being honest, and then next thing i know, jay has pulled it up on his iphone. bam. there's all the proof she needed. then, she jokingly walked around displaying the picture of her success via the phone. i love that woman.another funny story was when one of the pinto twins came up to me and said, "girl, i have 4 babies. have you seen how fat some of these cheerleaders are who have no kids? they are making me feel damn good right now because at least my bulge is because of something..." i swear, i have never laughed so hard. in fact, thinking about it now makes me laugh out loud. god love it.

so after chatting it up for a couple of hours, jay and i decided to make the most out of our kidless night. what would jesus do? head to home field!! and that we did. totally on a whim and totally worth it. surprisingly, we ran into some of jay's fraternity brothers who also decided to go on a whim. looks like we all chose a damn good night for it. i had my favorite choice of poison, we sloppy slow danced to the live band on side 2, and then fraternized it up for a bit on side 4. all in all, it was a much-needed wonderful night that ended at the waffle house at 2 in the morning. mommy likey. i didn't think i had it in me when we walked out the door earlier that day, but damn it feels good to be a gansta. hermitism begins for the month of january...or so i think...

Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas night

just like last year, cousins trevor and terri spend the night at our house on christmas night. the munchkins love it because it's their own little slumber party where for one night of the year, they get to stay up super late and play with all of their toys. jay and trevor played on the xbox in the man cave all night while the girls played with puzzles, crafts, and a game that is similar to a toddler wii that auntie jess bought for the mabster. it's pretty great in the fact that she gets to paint and decorate things with no mess, but the same amount of imagination. perfect. here's the estrogen based slumber party...lastly, so i know i moaned about missing the golden opportunity of getting a picture of the nan asleep in my snuggie. what i failed to mention was that instead, i got one of auntie jess. there she is ladies and gentlemen...asleep in the said glorified snuggie. it does a body good.

Christmas celebration #2

after playing with the toys and cousins all morning, we get ready to head over to the restaurant in preparation of celebrating christmas with jay's side of the family along with a few of mine that were also invited. we meet around 4:00pm, and everyone starts getting camera happy. i was totally in my own element. awesomeness. so we set up the girls on top of the presents in front of the christmas tree for some pics. toshy held a miniature soccer ball the whole time while the mabster made her signature silly faces and poses. picture taken. it will do. i don't ask for much. here's my silly's hereditary. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, that's for sure. here's a picture of daddy with uncle germy and auntie jess. all i said was "crazy shot" and this is what i got. thankfully, they redeemed themselves with a more serious pose in the second are some more family pictures. the first one is of nana lin, uncle ian, and the nan. the second pic is of papa john and nanny, and the last pic is our own little douglas family of four. notice the toshy is still holding the miniature soccer ball. lubs after pairing up in any which way, shape, or form for a picture and then laughing about it, we all begin to sit down for dinner. papa john says the blessing, and then we all hold our "english crackers" as we pull them apart, thus popping them open to reveal a paper christmas hat and a little toy. i love this tradition. unfortunately, the mabster couldn't seem to keep hers on, and as soon as the picture took, mine fell off. oh well, whattayagonnado?dinner was absolutely delicious and prepared all by nana lin. after wards, we began unwrapping presents. the girls got so much great stuff and made out like bandits! thank gawd, i decluttered the house last month in preparation of all these wonderful gifts from both sides of our family. we truly are blessed. once all the gifts were opened, the fun of playing with everything began. all the little midgets ran around on a sugar/gift-receiving high. they were hilarious. here are some pics. hope you and yours had a very merry christmas!!


christmas morning couldn't get here fast enough. after all the numerous "when is santa coming?" questions that the 3 year old asked day in and day out, i was so glad to see him finally come. after the girls both woke up, we all headed to the christmas tree to see what santa brought. of course the first thing that catches the mabster's eye is the one thing she only asked for. yup. make-up. that will last a day of play. i know, i know, but santa knows that it makes her happy. the girls loved all of their toys and played all morning. daddy did too. here are some pics of a couple of their auntie jess came into town from hotlanta on monday and has been staying with us all week. we really enjoy her visits, but i think the mabster does even more. why? because auntie jess plays victim to the mabster's yearning of painting each other's nails and applying make-up. she's a school teacher so she's use to entertaining a young child's mind. it's pretty darn cute and comical. here they are...later that morning, nan, uncle ian, aunt sally, trevor, and terri all came over to play at our house. the kids all talked about what santa brought them while the adults all talked downstairs in the man cave. meanwhile, the nan fell asleep on our couch upstairs while donning my snuggie. i was oh-so tempted to take a picture, but knew if the flash woke her up...well, that would be no bueno. so imagine if you will. :o) here's a picture of everyone hanging out in the mabster's bedroom.