Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas celebration #1

due to conflicting work schedules, we celebrated christmas with my side of the family on christmas eve. we all met at lola and pawpaw's house around 1:00pm. everyone was there as well as mamaw, aunt reda, uncle jim, and the kids. we arrive, sit down, and eat a wonderful meal that lola made for all of us. everything was delicious.after we all ate, the kids (both big and small) were excited about opening presents. just like last year, we all drew one name and gave gifts to all the kids since obviously, it's seeing them so happy that makes us happy. and so it began...the wrapping paper went flying, and the kids LOVED all of their gifts! the toshy's favorite was definitely the huge babydoll that pawpaw gave her. as soon as she got it, she gave it a big hug and started patting it's back. that one is SO affectionate i tell you. such a cuddler.later in the day after playing with all of the toys, the mabster wanted to go outside and look at "baby jesus." what she is talking about is my mom and dad's nativity scene. she walks around like she's playing "duck, duck, goose" as she lists off who is who. makes me smile because i remember loving it as a very young girl myself. after all, jesus is the reason for the season!lastly, lola bought both of the outfits that the mabster and toshy are wearing. my absolute most cherished thing is the vintage coat and hat that she found for the mabster. it is so.stinkin.cute. in fact, i only *wish* i could find it in my size. merry christmas!!