Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas celebration #2

after playing with the toys and cousins all morning, we get ready to head over to the restaurant in preparation of celebrating christmas with jay's side of the family along with a few of mine that were also invited. we meet around 4:00pm, and everyone starts getting camera happy. i was totally in my own element. awesomeness. so we set up the girls on top of the presents in front of the christmas tree for some pics. toshy held a miniature soccer ball the whole time while the mabster made her signature silly faces and poses. picture taken. it will do. i don't ask for much. here's my silly's hereditary. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, that's for sure. here's a picture of daddy with uncle germy and auntie jess. all i said was "crazy shot" and this is what i got. thankfully, they redeemed themselves with a more serious pose in the second are some more family pictures. the first one is of nana lin, uncle ian, and the nan. the second pic is of papa john and nanny, and the last pic is our own little douglas family of four. notice the toshy is still holding the miniature soccer ball. lubs after pairing up in any which way, shape, or form for a picture and then laughing about it, we all begin to sit down for dinner. papa john says the blessing, and then we all hold our "english crackers" as we pull them apart, thus popping them open to reveal a paper christmas hat and a little toy. i love this tradition. unfortunately, the mabster couldn't seem to keep hers on, and as soon as the picture took, mine fell off. oh well, whattayagonnado?dinner was absolutely delicious and prepared all by nana lin. after wards, we began unwrapping presents. the girls got so much great stuff and made out like bandits! thank gawd, i decluttered the house last month in preparation of all these wonderful gifts from both sides of our family. we truly are blessed. once all the gifts were opened, the fun of playing with everything began. all the little midgets ran around on a sugar/gift-receiving high. they were hilarious. here are some pics. hope you and yours had a very merry christmas!!