Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas night

just like last year, cousins trevor and terri spend the night at our house on christmas night. the munchkins love it because it's their own little slumber party where for one night of the year, they get to stay up super late and play with all of their toys. jay and trevor played on the xbox in the man cave all night while the girls played with puzzles, crafts, and a game that is similar to a toddler wii that auntie jess bought for the mabster. it's pretty great in the fact that she gets to paint and decorate things with no mess, but the same amount of imagination. perfect. here's the estrogen based slumber party...lastly, so i know i moaned about missing the golden opportunity of getting a picture of the nan asleep in my snuggie. what i failed to mention was that instead, i got one of auntie jess. there she is ladies and gentlemen...asleep in the said glorified snuggie. it does a body good.