Thursday, December 3, 2009

christmas parade

thursday night, we got the girls ready for a family outing at gardendale's christmas parade. it was our first year to attend, and we were really looking forward to it. we met up with YB, keri, and kids as we all parked in the peebles parking lot and walked over to claim our spot on the side of "candy cane lane." everyone was bundled up nicely as we waited for the christmas parade to start. daddy bought the girls some cotton candy to share, and all the kids received a free balloon and some candy canes. here are some pics of us before the fireworks and parade started.the streets were packed. i think everyone and their g'dale loving mother was there that night. soon we hear the fireworks going off and move to get a closer look. admittedly, the show was very impressive and the mabster clapped after it was over with. the gal loves her some we head back a couple of feet to our spot, and the parade begins. first, the GHS cheerleaders and marching band lead it, followed by many floats and characters that sang christmas songs, waved, and handed the kiddos some more candy. the mabster and the toshy were really enjoying themselves as they waved back at everyone passing by. super cute.there were a ton of creative floats and themes that went by. our 'hood was rockin' that night! finally towards the end, the huge firetrucks came along with santa himself riding on top. the mabster got super excited as she pointed and waved. once it was over, we walked to "pasquales" for some yummy cheap italian for dinner. all around, it was a great time, and i'm so glad we got to experience our own town's christmas parade. good job, gardendalians! i love this place.