Saturday, December 26, 2009

date night

after the hustle and bustle of all of the holiday frenzy, jay and i were pretty pumped about having a date night out sans the kiddos with some great friends. thanks to lola for making this dream possible since she was willing and able to watch the girls for us and even better, have them spend the night. fan-freakin-tastic. the timing couldn't have been better because i SOO needed it. thank you, thank you, lola!! you are my lifeboat that keeps my sanity afloat.

so we had plans to meet up for dinner at surin at 7:00pm with a few of our old school sorority sisters. alpha love, baby! both jessi and slammy live out of state so we always jump on the opportunity to get together during the holidays since their visits are few and far between. it's always good seeing them and catching up, and we even got to pick from two different colored swatches for what we wanted our bridesmaids dresses to look like for slammy's upcoming wedding. we all chose the cosmopolitan one with the chiffon over it. all i have to say is that the starvation diet begins now because the dresses are going to be elegantly G-A-W-G-E-O-U-S. eek, can't wait!!so after dinner, jay and i head on over to rogue tavern downtown for my high school's "mega-reunion." this was the first year for mike c. to pull this all together, and it consisted of the classes from the 1990s-2000s. it was awesome. i really enjoyed it because we got to experience a high school reunion with my older sister karmie. the funniest thing happened when she was talking to one of her classmates and told him that she was on jeopardy. he didn't believe her so i hear karmie yelling for me to back her up. i vow that she is being honest, and then next thing i know, jay has pulled it up on his iphone. bam. there's all the proof she needed. then, she jokingly walked around displaying the picture of her success via the phone. i love that woman.another funny story was when one of the pinto twins came up to me and said, "girl, i have 4 babies. have you seen how fat some of these cheerleaders are who have no kids? they are making me feel damn good right now because at least my bulge is because of something..." i swear, i have never laughed so hard. in fact, thinking about it now makes me laugh out loud. god love it.

so after chatting it up for a couple of hours, jay and i decided to make the most out of our kidless night. what would jesus do? head to home field!! and that we did. totally on a whim and totally worth it. surprisingly, we ran into some of jay's fraternity brothers who also decided to go on a whim. looks like we all chose a damn good night for it. i had my favorite choice of poison, we sloppy slow danced to the live band on side 2, and then fraternized it up for a bit on side 4. all in all, it was a much-needed wonderful night that ended at the waffle house at 2 in the morning. mommy likey. i didn't think i had it in me when we walked out the door earlier that day, but damn it feels good to be a gansta. hermitism begins for the month of january...or so i think...