Monday, December 28, 2009

exchanging gifts...

today after dropping off KM to get her car fixed, the girls and i made our way over to YB's house in order to let the munchkins exchange christmas gifts and have an all day playdate. last week was so slammed busy for obvious holiday reasons and personal ones as well, that we both decided today would be the perfect day.

so the mabster and lil B exchanged gifts and played for hours while my BFF (the tall one) and i ran our mouths off about everything under the sun. words cannot describe how good it felt to see YB again. she's had a rough last couple of weeks so being able to sit down with each other and talk about raw emotions really felt therapeutic. i hate feeling helpless when a friend needs you don't know what to really say or do, but you want them to know you care and are always there for them. the helpless feeling finally went away. (sigh) i'm oh-so very glad to have her back home again.

i digress. so the girls are opening up their presents, and they both receive huge disney princesses beach towels with their names embroidered on them. i lurves me some personalized gifts because i'm too lazy to get them done myself. the toshy loved hers so much that she immediately jumped on it and gave sleeping beauty a hug. it was adorable. also, matching polo dresses. it can't get any cuter than that. seriously. it just can't. thank you, guys. we love ya'll and chilling at our second home! xoxo