Saturday, December 5, 2009

happy birthday, brown!!

saturday morning, i rode with BM to the mcwane center in honor of brown's birthday party. daddy and the toshy met me there, and it felt so good to scoop her up in hugs after having a night away. so the party started at 10:00am where the nice lady read a dinosaur story and taught the kids using some fun hands-on facts. soon after, all the kiddos sat down for some cake and ice cream as we all sang happy birthday to brown. the kids received an awesome dinosaur coloring book along with another surprise and free tickets to play around within the mcwane center.later, tita karmie and the mabster met us there as well. for you see, tita karmie took the mabster to the children's theater that morning for the "santa in space" production where santa clause is beamed up to the planet "Crayon" by aliens who want to keep santa for themselves. the Crayon’s learn a lesson about sharing and the jolly old fellow gets home in time for Christmas. they had a great time, and now we plan on trying to attend one of the next ones. anywayz, here are some pics of us while playing around inside the mcwane center where the fishies we were leaving, tita karmie and the mabster ran inside the tornado tube thingy where the winds go as high as 80 mph. they LOVE this thing, and it's pretty funny to watch. next, daddy and toshy had their turn inside of it. i'm not sure the toshy knew what to think of it considering she closed her eyes the whole time.lastly, once we got home, auntie jess came over to stay with us while she was in town for the weekend. her and the mabster played in the den and acted all kinds of silly before she left to meet up with some friends to watch the SEC football game. overall, happy birthday, brown!, thank you tita karmie for taking the mabster out for her very first theater interactive production, and it was good seeing auntie jess again. our cup runneth overeth!


Capagrl said...

I have to know - was Brown the name of the child blowing out candles?!