Sunday, December 13, 2009

jay's "guy's weekend"

before i hand this blog post over to jay (because in all honesty, i have no idea what half of these pictures are about or who these fighters are), i want ya'll to know that before he left with the guys early friday morning, i recited off the usual, "be careful and i love you," as well as, "don't forget to take a couple of pics." and boy, did he deliver. i'm sure his picture-taking started off facetiously, but it ended up being far more than what i was asking for. in fact, i had to delete half of them because they all looked like the same exact thing. "A" for effort though sweetie, i understand being camera happy. i do.

that said, here's the man himself re-living his testosterone-filled weekend...

Arrived Friday at the Gold Strike Hotel and Casino in Tunica. I remember Kim telling me to take pictures of the weekend so before things got too fuzzy, I snapped a few shots. Here's me in the hotel lobby acting like a poker pro.I took a picture of the beds in the hotel room because I didn't think we'd really use them, and I really wanted to remember them. My thoughts were right. After nearly 14 hours straight of poker, our heads barely touched the pillows since shortly after, we were off the next morning for Memphis.Also, I want to add that I forgot to take pictures of a funny event that happened. After checking into our hotel in Memphis, Tyler decided to take a nap and recover from being old...I mean sick...So what did we decide to do for the 3 hours leading up to the fight? That's right. We headed to the Southland Dog Track for some dog races. We were probably the youngest people there by at least 50 years. Moreover, the funniest thing happened to Matt...Seems he was accidentally betting on the wrong first 6 races. Later while in an attempt to retrieve his winnings, he found out that they were the Birmingham races instead. Luckily, he was able to get a refund on the bets he made.

Later, we ate dinner at Charles Vergos' Rendezvous before the fights. Probably the best meal we ate all weekend. This place had the best dry rub ribs I've ever had. I think we all agreed that they were better than Dreamland's. Here's Tyler and Matt posing for the camera for me.Later, we waited in line to get into the FedEx forum. The place was packed even for the preliminary fights. Our seats were at the lower level located where the fighters made their entrance. The view of the octagon was great, and the UFC really had a nice production with all sorts of big screens that displayed the fight introductions and replays.
We decided to pace ourselves throughout the night. Since the first fight started at 6:15pm and the event was scheduled to run until midnight, we had a long night of drunken debauchery ahead of us. So we limited ourselves to 1 beer and 1 pee run per fight.Here's Tyler about 4 fights (and beers) later conveniently taking a photograph to remember his first trip to a live UFC event.While on a beer run, I came across a group of people taking pictures of someone that looks pretty familiar. The fighter was Johny Hendricks who had just won his match earlier and was walking around the arena signing autographs and taking pictures. I got to do the obligatory MMA fighter photo (holding a fist up) with him. Kim laughed at me for a good 20 minutes when she saw it...ya, I'm a dork. :) He's currently an undefeated welterweight fighter who might be fighting for the title in the next year. I thanked him for a great fight and was amazed at how very friendly these guys were. Then I was off to get more beer.The night was awesome, and there were many familiar fighters hanging around. One of the most visible was Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell. We also got to see BJ Penn defend his lightweight title against Diego Sanchez. After the fights, we decided that all of those beers gave us a craving for some greasy food. Soooooo we headed off to....Denny's. What do guys do after a night of drinking heavily? Yep, we challenge each other to an eating contest. Unfortunately and fortunately, I was unable to complete this contest. I made it through the grits, sandwich, and loaded hashbrowns before suddenly hitting a brick wall. That wall was what the menu referred to as a T-bone steak. In reality, it was some gray rubber material that made me vomit a little after the first bite. So we made our trek back to the hotel at 2am in order to crash before a trip back home.

Anyways, great times were had by all. Can't wait to do something like this again. Just want to give thanks to my sweet loving HOT wife for allowing my dream to come true. I love her.

hehehe. so admittedly, i (kimtastic) added those last two sentences. just in case you couldn't tell. he means it though. that i am certain.


Becca said...

Tyler will never be the same. ;)

Also, for him to be in the same room as Chuck Liddell, I can't believe he isn't still talking about it!

Kim said...

too funny, becca!

and i think the pic jay took of chuck liddell is pretty funny. it's so blurry that i almost deleted it thinking it was no good. jay was watching me over my shoulder and about flipped out...he was like, "do you know who that is!?!"

my thoughts: a blob? :P

Anonymous said...


fuob t = jr 35