Friday, December 25, 2009


christmas morning couldn't get here fast enough. after all the numerous "when is santa coming?" questions that the 3 year old asked day in and day out, i was so glad to see him finally come. after the girls both woke up, we all headed to the christmas tree to see what santa brought. of course the first thing that catches the mabster's eye is the one thing she only asked for. yup. make-up. that will last a day of play. i know, i know, but santa knows that it makes her happy. the girls loved all of their toys and played all morning. daddy did too. here are some pics of a couple of their auntie jess came into town from hotlanta on monday and has been staying with us all week. we really enjoy her visits, but i think the mabster does even more. why? because auntie jess plays victim to the mabster's yearning of painting each other's nails and applying make-up. she's a school teacher so she's use to entertaining a young child's mind. it's pretty darn cute and comical. here they are...later that morning, nan, uncle ian, aunt sally, trevor, and terri all came over to play at our house. the kids all talked about what santa brought them while the adults all talked downstairs in the man cave. meanwhile, the nan fell asleep on our couch upstairs while donning my snuggie. i was oh-so tempted to take a picture, but knew if the flash woke her up...well, that would be no bueno. so imagine if you will. :o) here's a picture of everyone hanging out in the mabster's bedroom.