Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve!!

this year for NYE, we wanted to celebrate in a low-key fashion while at home with some close friends and our youngsters. to us, there's no better way to bring in 2010 than in comfort with the ones who mean the most to you. it was nice. we had all the ingredients for a fun time for all ages including party hats, tiaras, noisemakers, glowsticks, silly string, leis, champagne, sparkling white grape juice (for the kiddos), and champagne flutes for the celebratory toast at midnight. each family brought over a side dish, and jay cooked some awesome steaks out on the grill. here are some pics...everyone arrived at 6:00pm where we all sat down for dinner and watched the kids play together. the mabster and toshy had so much fun sharing and playing with all of their new christmas toys, as well as watching movies in the mabster's room. the toshy and CJ exchanged kisses early in the night because they knew they wouldn't make it to midnight. also while the guys were downstairs, we decided to have a sneak attack and sabotage the man cave with silly string. both the women and children thought it was awesome and laughed hysterically. the guys were really great sports about it, and luckily, there hasn't been a threat of retaliation.after the shenanigans took place, we headed outside to light some sparklers. the girls had a blast twirling them around while listening and watching our neighbors shoot off some fireworks next door. later, we came inside and switched to coffee so that we could make it to the champagne once the ball dropped. the guys stayed outside by the fire pit where we were warm and cuddled up inside. just ask YB who donned the snuggie all night.the time is getting closer and closer to midnight. we're anxiously flipping to different tv channels and watching what each one had to offer. as usual, T was ready to drop some balls as jay got the champagne ready for us and the sparkling grape juice ready for the kids. we had only the finest...cristale, biotches! kidding. more like a $3 bottle of cook's. hehe. still pretty fabulous. once we all counted down while watching the ball drop, we all screamed "happy new year!" followed by toasting up our flutes to everyone, and then kissing our significant other. awesomeness.the mabster LOVED her bubbly, and it was so cute watching her get all excited because we let her stay up way too late. she can hang with the best of'em, i tell ya. also, J and M jokingly kissed each other as well since they obviously love each other so much. then, they just started acting a fool. i have no idea what the last picture is about. absolutely none. that said, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!