Monday, December 21, 2009

The Real Housewives Of Birmingham Christmas Party

tonight, the real housewives had our "dirty santa swap" christmas party at Billy's bar and grill. we have a member in our group who's husband is the manager there so they set us up nicely. we walk in to our own little designated area up on the stage and begin ordering our drinks. after chattin' it up and enjoying our libations, we look over the menu and start to order. the food is delicious there, and you can't beat the prices! perfection.once everyone finished dinner, we drew numbers, grabbed our drinks, and headed upstairs to the fluffy couches in the VIP room. awww yeah, because that's how we roll. fo' shizzle. here's a picture that the waiter took from below. we owned that loft, baby!so we begin playing "dirty santa," and the game is off to a fierce start. poodlehead unwraps what looks like a leopard print snuggie. then, sherry unwraps a super cute cab hat with a matching scarf only for it to later be stolen by mag. hehe. but it gets even better from there when the gift bag that got stolen the most contained a bunch of special surprises including a head massager and a "silver bullet." hot commodity there, dare i say!overall, it was a great night out with the girls. i ended up taking home a crockpot cookbook, and i was really excited about it since crockpot meals are my specialty. :o) lastly, the night was perfect other than one thing...the other part of our tri-winkie was not there. i hate to end on a somber note, but we are truly sorry for her family's loss. everyone please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. may God be with them during this difficult time. XOXO


The Lady said...

Hey, I met you a couple of times a long while ago while out with Jaime Childs. When I was pregnant, I stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed reading it. I stumbled on it again just now and added it to the "followed" Anyways, just dropping in to say hello and that I really enjoy reading your blog. Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

oh wow, i do remember you!! small world. i loves me some jaime childs. :o)

well, that's awesome that you found me on here, and i really appreciate that you like reading my blog. i just scanned to yours real quick as well, and your pics are AMAZING!

merry christmas to you and yours as well!