Wednesday, December 9, 2009

santa, baby...

tonight, we took the girls to see santa at brookwood mall. we met up with blue momma and family at 6:30pm and walked right up to the jolly ole fella without waiting in a line. both girls did great. the mabster was so excited to see him and whispered what she wanted. daddy said he heard her say, "make-up and a car." dear gawd. how old is my child!? meanwhile, toshy tried to jump ship a couple of times off of santa's lap. she didn't seem scared by him (which is what i feared), but instead she just didn't care to sit still. can't say i blame her. here's the picture i took of their picture with santa. it's a bit blurry, but it will have to do since i refuse to go downstairs and hook up our scanner. take a gander...after their visit with ole saint nick, they received a candy cane and reindeer hats. we paid for our pics, and then watched BM's the boy and the girl get theirs done next. the kiddos all did awesome, both big and small. we were relieved and glad that everyone had a good experience with santa.after everyone was settled, we made our way to the food court for a classy sophisticated dinner. hehe. can you feel the sarcasm? i knew you did. in my book, "eating out" is "eating out"...i'll take it since i don't have to cook it. LOL. so while the daddies ordered our food, the mabster and TB sat beside each other as they laid out all the "silly bandz" (aka the BIGGEST hype in pre-school). next thing we know, there are other random kids flocking to their table. we were in shock. also, how cute does TG look in her christmas dress? love it.