Thursday, December 3, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) whoaaa nellie!! this week has floooown by...i can't believe it's already thursday! sorry guys, i almost forgot to do these. let's see. i'm gonna bust these puppies out as fast as i can. thankfully, having a twitter account will makes this super easy. here i go...

2.) poor little toshy was sick earlier this week so we took her to the doc. she received a double ear infection & a green lollipop. she has been pitiful, but thankfully today, she's starting to feel much better. bless her sweet little heart.

3.) with that said, we've been hibernating and quarantining ourselves all week. in fact, i've learned to put the "jam" in "pajama day." being held in lock down on these fugly days really has it's pros. and by pros, i mean conserving energy and water. soap and shampoo too.

4.) i can't help but giggle to myself when jay and i are at church, and the time comes to shake hands and exchange peace to each other. i giggle because it goes a little like this...K: "peace be with you." J: "and an extra piece for you."

5.) this is copy and pasted from tita karmie's facebook status. i thought it felt deserving enough to make my list: Karmie Johnson is now her niece's best friend. her sister, brooke, random store clerks and characters from yo gabba gabba may supplant her at any given moment but lately, i've been her favourite person in the world. the bribes and mind games have worked!

6.) the funny thing is, is that it's SO true. after playing all day with each other on thanksgiving, the mabster has been saying that "tita karmie is her best friend." she told me because "they picked flowers for her cat." who is purple. and his name is "english." her imagination is peaking, i say!

7.) Well good morning, Mr. Routine. You're looking dashingly dapper this morning.

8.) it's rather sad when our nation has become under siege by shoddy aspiring reality tv stars. simply scandalous. 4 days & buckets full of watching crap tv. now i actually want the cartoons back. tv off.

9.) tonight, the whole fam along with YB's and keri's are going to the gardendale christmas parade. we're meeting at candy cane lane, and santa and fireworks will be there. after wards, we'll bundle up with a warm dinner out. tis the season!

10.) here's something i observed while enjoying the nightlife in nashvegas last weekend...skinny jeans on guys are not a good idea. i really don't care to see their true religion. also, you can go to school, but you can't buy class.

11.) the other day, while watching the mabster play, she said the funniest thing ever. she was playing with her dolls and making them small tea cups full of water when i overheard her say, "hey, don't spill your drink. no splashing. this isn't a swimming pool." i love that kid.

12.) friday night is going to be so much fun on so many levels. why? because it's bunco night along with BM's traditional "white elephant" christmas party where we re-gift a gag present that is sure to be hilarious. it's gonna be a full house, and jello shots will be included. eek, color me excited!!

and lastly,

13.) as if my excitement couldn't be enough, we are all coming dressed in christmas pajamas just like last year's. except this year, BM has raised the bar, and now the moms are having our very own slumber party. that's right, we all get to spend the night and pass out wherever the laughter ends. also, since YB's babysitter fell through at the last minute, lil B will be spending the night with the mabster in one of her big girl beds in her new room for their own little slumber party. the first and last time those two girls had a slumber party together was when jay and i were at the hospital having the toshy. yowzas. good times.


PartyWeDo said...

The white elephant gift party is so much fun! We do an online version of this party called AlbinoPhant.
It is great for connecting with friends and family that live a distance away.
Have a great holiday season!

Hill Family said...

Have fun tonight and take a shot for me in my abscence!!!

Kim said...

i did, anne, just for you!! :)