Thursday, December 10, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) so have you seen the new D&G cologne commercial with Matthew McConaughey in it? BM has brought it to my attention, and well, he just jumped up a few spots on my list. in fact, now he has earned the nickname, "McConaughty." mmmm, delectable.

2.) i'm not amused with lyla's newest trend: putting everything in the trash. this includes "elvis the elf." ruh roh.

3.) the other night was MNO-book club/dinner/movie. we ate sushi at surin (my favorite) while discussing the book, and then headed over to the theater to see "Precious." all i have to say is, it was less than precious. in fact, they should have named it "Disturbing." if anything, i'm thankful for my life and the family that raised me.

4.) mabsterism #54: "you're killing me, dude."

5.) tuesday, there was a couple in my neighborhood going door to door with pamphlets in hand. i raised the threat level to orange and played "not home" as i silently peeked through the blinds. i was scared. because in the words of k-mom, "An unknown person knocking on your door is after your soul or your money. Either's not good." true that, my friend. true that.

6.) one of the cutest things ever is watching the toshy while she tries to put her own shoes on. the look on her face is pure concentration. little miss independent is growing up too fast, i tell ya.

7.) loves me some sarcasm. always have. that's why i think guys are just funnier all across the board. idiots. but funny. anywho. i'm a fan (on facebook) and follower (on twitter) of the sarcasm society. this quote came from them, and i believe there is so much truth in it..."Behind every successful man there is a woman who made it necessary." and then there's this one, "I don't often make mistakes. I apologize for thinking you were worth my time." c'mon now, that's funny.

8.) mabsterism #55: (after the toshy starts babbling) "you tell him, lyla scarlett!"

9.) in the words of YB's latest tweet, "Cheating Tiger gets dropped by Gatorade. Hope his thirst is quenched now." fool. skeezy ignoramus fool.

10.) if you couldn't tell by reading this blog, i love being on the go. in fact, i'm so use to it (with growing up and being involved with every extra-curricular activity known to man), that if i sit still too long, it really starts to bother me. don't get me wrong, i will skip going to something just to savor having a whole day of doing absolutely nothing every now and then. it's just enough to rejuvenate me and get me out the door for the next event. that said, today is my day of doing nothing. if only my kids would let me...

11.) mabsterism #56: (while playing with her golf clubs with daddy) "okay, the big dog's gotta eat!"

12.) this weekend is "guy's weekend." jay is BEYOND excited about it. him and a few buddies will be playing in a poker tournament in tunica on friday night, and then to memphis on saturday night to watch the UFC 107 fight. they've got awesome seats and livers that i'm sure already hate them. please dear heavenly father, bring them back in one piece. amen.

and lastly,

13.) as for me and the girls this weekend, we've got three, yes THREE birthday parties that we are jumping to on saturday. back to back from 11:30am to 6:00pm. please dear heavenly father, may my sanity stay intact. amen.


Elizabeth said...

I love the quote, "Behind every successful man is a woman who made it necessary." So completely true!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a quite good variant

*Yankee Belle* said...

I still see a naked hooter smoking bongo player with a toothbrush in his mouth...

Kim said...

elizabeth, i know!! it's got to be one of my favorite quotes right now. :o)

and YB, that's a bad thing!? hehe.

Heather S. said...

Matt McConaughey really annoys me. However, I just saw that commercial today and he is looking so fine! As long as he doesn't talk I guess he's ok. LMAO!

Kim said...

love it, heather!!