Thursday, December 17, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) today after i picked up the mabster from big girl school, i asked her what she did during the day. she responded back with, "we painted. umm, played with puzzles. and partied in the USA." dear gawd, please tell me they aren't rockin' out to miley after lunch...

2.) so today, the mabster had her christmas party at school. upon picking her up, she handed me a wrapped gift that said "to: mom and dad, from: abby" i tore into. like a piranha. i did. i gave daddy the opportunity of visualizing it through the phone because i was far too excited and had to open it right then and there. what was it?

3.) it was a tiled plaque with her hand print painted on it along with her name and the date. *swoon* BEST.CHRISTMAS.PRESENT.TO.DATE. it's the little things, people.

4.) last tuesday night, KM and i went to a brown bag "sexy santa party." can you believe that BOTH of us have never been to one!? shocking, i know. you'd think that surely our 5th grade perverted minds have been going to these things for years, no? wrong. first time. ever. our brown bag cherries were popped that night, and it felt oh-soooo goood. hehe. lots of laughs were had, and i can't wait to get my goodies! :P

5.) as of late, one of my most favoritest (grammar is incorrect on purpose, i swear), yet annoyingly redundant thing that the toshy does is pick up & hand me 50 million different things. the look on her face after i inflate a huge "why, thank you!" is darling. so helpful is she.

6.) the other day, the girls and i were watching "mickey mouse clubhouse." i couldn't help but notice that the characters were all paired up. mickey mouse was to minnie mouse as donald duck was to daisy duck. then a clip of goofy and clarabelle came upon the screen. immediately, i was confused. goofy is a dog while clarabelle is clearly a cow. wth? hate to break it to ya, disney...but you just facked that one up.

7.) "A psychiatrist is a fellow who asks you a lot of expensive questions your wife asks for nothing." -Joey Adams

8.) this weekend, my tri-winkies along with their families are taking the munchkins to The Polar Express train ride to the north pole to visit santa and mrs. claus. we'll all be rockin' the christmas pajamas and are anxiously anticipating the chocolate milk and cookies that will be served on board. choo-choo!!

9.) today the hubster had a daddy/daughters day at work while i darted off to make a doc appointment. he told me that the mabster colored the whole time and even wrote her name upside down for one of his fellow co-workers. yes, he said "upside down." he said it was pretty damn good too. that the "B's" were quite impressive. my next thought: is that something to brag about? or sweep under the rug like it never happened? :D

10.) the oldest is OBSESSED over the snow globe that her teacher gave her today. so obsessed, she is sleeping with it. take notes, santa. take notes.

11.) the opening of "the sing-off" is so utterly gay, i feel like i'm watching a Gap commercial. and by gay, i mean happy. also at one point, i think The Beatles rolled over in their graves. me no likey...but what i did like were the multitude of fratastic fratty frat boys singing acapella in green cardigans and bow ties. le sigh.

12.) can i just say that i'd like to stick it to the fella who invented moon sand. because i'm positively convinced it was a man...who doesn't have to clean up after it. seriously though.

and lastly,

13.) this upcoming week is going to be insanely slammed busy. the schedule consists of the Real Housewives "dirty santa swap" christmas party, a little "girls only" christmas playdate, a casual christmas dinner with super close friends that might as well be family, ALL of our family holiday and birthday celebrations, dinner with awesome old college sorority sisters, and finally, the JCHS "Mega-union" at the Rogue Tavern. oh bloody hell! i'm tired just typing that all out. ya'll know i LIVE for this kinda stuff though, right? obviously. :o)


Elizabeth said...

3. I cannot wait to get gifts from Finley!

4. You naughty girl ;)

13. Girl, you are crazy busy this holiday season! I really want to have a huge AOII reunion party. No idea how we would do that, but I planned a small dinner with my little pledge class and Kristen, Nicole and Sabrina, but always wish I could see everyone. everyone.

Kim said...

i SOOO second your response to my number 13!!! ya know, i ran into sabrina and nicole the other day...and last time i saw you, you were with kristen. too funny.

but this weekend, karla, jessi, slammy, talley, and i are all getting together. we were hoping jaime childs too, but she can't make it.

we need to start planning...