Thursday, December 31, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) so ask me what i've done this bouts aWHOLElatta NOTHING! and by golly gee, it's been absolutely fabulous.

2.) the mabster is a funny one. i know she is too young to understand the concept of days and times right now so i find it hilarious when she tells me, "mommy, it's 7 o'clock. we've got to get ready for big girl school." or "mommy, what's on thursday?" then she likes to spit off to me what our routine is for each day of the week. coincidentally, the only day she has memorized is tuesday because of dance class. baby steps. concepts are clicking...

3.) that said, school and all other functions start back up next week. therefore, we've had two weeks of holiday vacation, and i have grown oh-so very accustomed to hanging out in our pajammies instead of rushing myself and two kids in tow out the door. the weather's been frightfully rainy and cold? wouldn't know. we're hibernating.

4.) our whole house is officially dechristmasized: it's a good thing. i felt like i was drowning in all of the festive clutter. oh, and tinsel on the tree? never again, i say. no more, no less.

5.) so i did a little retail therapy the other night (thanks to my christmas gift cards), and i noticed that bathing suits are out already...ack! no thank you. it's not even january yet. how bizarre.

6.) today is new year's eve...WOOOHOOO!!! do we have big plans? depends on how you define "big." for you see, we are beginning to feel old. we don't want to burn out our babysitters, and well, our college friends who usually host a party every year are headed to savannah. (and there goes the real truth) who does that!? hehe. so instead, we've decided to have a few close friends over tonight (yes, kids included) and see who passes out first. assuming anyone makes it to midnight. should be loads of fun with lots of noisemakers.

7.) for christmas, nana lin and papa john gave jay a nice coffee maker along with bookoo amounts of boxes filled with a variety of gourmet flavors. needless to say, i've been coffee test-tasting all week. my favorites include caramel vanilla cream, southern pecan, and hazelnut. next up: cinnamon pastry. *thoughts- who needs a gym membership to increase my heart rate!? at least laundry is being defeated thanks to the jitters. SO scrumptious. :D

8.) the toshy said her first sentence yesterday. as clear as day, she said, "i want daddy" after she woke up from her nap. it made my heart feel super happy even if it wasn't for me...but at least "momma" was her first word so i will give it to him. LOL

9.) here's a weekly twitter quote: “What you do with your life is only half the equation, what means the most is who you are with when you are living it.” | RT @dowhatisright

10.) during christmas at lola and pawpaw's house, i overheard tita karmie telling the mabster that "you're my best friend under 30." nice. then the mabster playfully attempted to put her in a triangle (one of daddy's jiu jitsu moves) when tita karmie then said, "we're not fighters, we're thinkers. we'd rather hurt their feelings than their faces." oh jeez. (shaking head)

11.) the other day, i saw a dude wearing a t-shirt that said, "life is like a box of terrible analogies." immediately, i wanted to be his friend.

12.) yesterday, jay took off work early to play a round of golf with some buddies. after golf, he planned to attend his weekly wednesday jiu jitsu class. instead of doing either or both, he called me and came home because his back was killing him. i tell ya, he starts pushing thirty and you'd think he was pushing up daisies. needless to say, i enjoyed him coming home early and groaning like an old man.

and lastly,

13.) it's tradition for my side of the family to all get together on new year's day to eat the "good luck" black eyed peas and the such while surrounding ourselves with family. this year, we'll be celebrating at tita karmie's house, and i'm really looking forward to propping my feet up to her indoor fire pit. in the middle of her den. yes, it's THAT awesome.


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