Saturday, December 12, 2009

trifecta birthday triathlon

and i'm still alive to tell about it! barely. okay, where do i start? let's see, since the hubster was out of town for the weekend on his guy's trip, i wanted to investigate my patience and will-power to see if i could handle taking the girls to all 3 birthday parties that day. i told myself that if i could do this, i can do anything. plus, as long as the girls were happy, i was happy. the parties were all back to back so i figured that we'd just roll with it to see if our endurance would last. surprisingly, we all did great. throughout the rain, no less. i feel like a deserved an award or something. :D

the first party was held at pump it up in pelham in honor of sofia's birthday. it was from 11:30am to 1:30pm, and as always, a great time. the kids jumped and went down the slide numerous times, and then later, we went into the party room for pizza, cupcakes, and ice cream. it was a lot of fun. happy birthday, sofia!!next, we jump in the car and head over to moe's original BBQ in vestavia in honor of cousin douglas' first birthday. his party started at 2:00pm so the timing was perfect. we arrived slightly early and talked with all of the family as appetizers were flowing out. this next pic is of cousin douglas with momma gracie. the mabster and toshy enjoyed playing with the birthday boy, and later watched as the presents were opened. later, we sang happy birthday and watched him tear into his cake. party #2 was just as fun, and the girls were still in decent moods thanks to the sugarhigh. happy first birthday, douglas!!two down, one to go, and my "delusionally ambitious" mind was feeling pretty darn good about myself. i knew this next birthday party was going to be one that the mabster would really enjoy. luckily, the toshy took a brief nap while on the drive to trussville in honor of caleb's birthday. the party was from 4:00-6:00pm at the fire station, and it was explosively fun. once we got there, all the kids received red firemen hats and met with "sparky" the firefighter dog. we got a tour of the fire station, and all the kids got a chance to sit inside the firetruck and check out all the bells and whistles. the mabster thought it was super cool, and the toshy loved her hat.once the tour was over with, we all headed upstairs for some more pizza, cake, and ice cream. we all sang happy birthday to caleb, and then the magician came out to put on a magic show for all of the kids. with fire included. kind of ironic, don'tcha think? all in all, the day was a success and my sanity still remains. at least for the meantime. happy birthday, caleb!!