Friday, December 4, 2009

white elephant christmas party

so friday went by in a flurry. BM hosted her annual "white elephant" christmas party at her house, and as always, it was a ton of fun. we all came dressed in our christmas pajamas, brought a side dish to share along with a funny gag gift to exchange while playing dirty santa. we get there and converse in the kitchen. BM made copious amounts of jello shots in every flavor imaginable, and heather shared some of her yummy cosmos. we chatter for a couple of hours, and then...

we let the games begin!! everyone drew numbers, and the picking of gifts began. we were supposed to bring a gift that we already owned from our house that we were ready to get rid of. you know what they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." some of the gifts included a santa toilet seat cover with grilling accessories, a box full of levitra and condoms, the hulk came back for another year along with some curtains for privacy, a pink penis with a humidifier and a fake winning lottery ticket, and don't forget, "jane brady called and wants her dress back." the night was ridiculously hysterical.the game came to an end, and surprisingly no one stole anyone's gift. i guess we were all pretty thankful and content with what we had opened for ourselves. also, YB surprised me with a matching "i've been naughty" christmas shirts, and i LUBS it. we all toasted each other with a jello shot, and later in the night, i busted out my pink onesie bunny pajamas because i think they are AWE-SOME. and why yes, i did steal them from ralphie off of a christmas story. nice. we all stayed up super late, and lisette fell asleep in the recliner as BM attempted to put a banana on her. the slumber party began as the snow continued to fall. it was beautiful and frigid cold. later, BM made us some strawberry margaritas and we all headed downstairs. it was funny though when blue dadda asked us, "when does the pillow fight begin?" unfortunately, i didn't take any pictures at this time for BM said, "what happens in alabaster stays in alabaster." which was talking and laughing till 4:30 in the morning and waking up at 8:00am for a birthday party. eek! much fun was had. thank you for having us, BM!!