Saturday, January 30, 2010

happy 29th, birthday boy!!

saturday night, we headed to Home Field for some adult entertainment in honor of jaydoug's 29th birthday. mostly everyone arrived around 7:00pm so that we could all sit down and eat dinner before throwing back the drinks. it was nice to chat with everyone before the loud music of the live band drowned our voices out. two hours in and everyone has gotten the small talk out of the way. our bellies were full and ready to soak up some of the liquor that was about to be consumed.

before i go any further, i have to share the classic gift that the mitchelles gave the birthday boy. inside the card read, "we wanted to get you either a golf course or a lamborghini for your birthday, but couldn't decide. so instead, we got you both." check out the following pictures and please note the small cut out heads inside the yellow lamborghini. it was hysterical. good job, guys!here are some pictures of those who came out to help celebrate. this is before the lights were dimmed, before the mood was set, before the band started playing, and before the crazy amounts of here's when the REAL fun began. in all honesty, these pics don't do the dances that were in motion justice. not at all. but i do love the fact that by the end of the night, everyone was schnockered and cutting a rug like no other. the drinks continued to flow as the guys and blue momma sucked down shot after shot. oh and before i forget, here are some tweets throughout the night because i barely remember anything quite honestly. and i do apologize for some of the misspellings and the such. my thumbs were drunk...

- @YankeBell "fill up my cup..mozoltov!!"
- Attention: Loretta has enter the building. Let's get this party started.
- Is watching the BEST trainwreck in history. Hehehe
- Saturday nights at HF = Dunlap Soft Porn
- Bday boy just screamed, "if she's passed out, she can't say no."
- My name is Kim. And I like to dance. Go crazy. Go crazy!!!
- Bday boy is sloppy..slow dancin to pussy control. Baby #3 on way (YB says)
- Quote of nigt via tyler: "that girl is on da pole,& I wouldn't tip her."
- Yb just licked meh face. And I enjoyed it.

overall, jaydoug said he had the BEST birthday ever. he really enjoyed himself with friends and partying it up. in fact, i believe he enjoyed it a bit too much because my the end of the night, he fell asleep on side 1 for a brief moment. everyone kept asking me where he was so i sent him a text that said, "are you okay? where are you at?" he replied back with, "side 1" so off i went to find him. i sneak in through the back and as soon as i turned the corner, there he was...hovered over the trash can with a puke trail following him covered in vomit. it was disgusting. i sober up quickly, clean him off, and then we headed to the kitchen to find the mop and bucket. papa john came to our rescue and volunteered to clean it up himself while jay apologized profusely. i couldn't help but laugh as papa john told jay, "you owe me." lol. he will NEVER live this one down, i tell ya! i haven't seen him that bad since 2002 at pi kapp's crawfish boil. lordy, lordy. here are some of my last tweets of the night/early morning...

- @YankeBell bday boy just yacked all over side 1. Blech. And on tht note, DD will take us home. G'nite yal, had a blazzzast!
- Appreciates Papa John cleaning up jays trail to the trash. Much love.
- Taco Bell run
- @Blue_Momma btw, i thoroughly enjoyed witnessing your victory dance beside him in the car. too funny!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAY!!! my your next year's dirty thirties be a little nicer to ya.

happy birthday!

saturday morning, we headed over to pump it up in honor of ethan's birthday. the party was from 10:00 - 12:00pm, and the girls had a great time. daddy skipped jiu jitsu that morning and instead enjoyed going down the slide with his girls while having some fun. they loved it. all the kiddos bounced around for hours, and the toshy enjoyed running around with cousin carson. here are some pics...later, we all moved inside the party room for some cake and ice cream. the theme for ethan's party was "pirates" and his birthday cake was awesome. after the birthday party, the kiddos went home with the daddies while the moms ate a yummy lunch at diplomat deli for mag's birthday. both festivities were super fun. happy birthday, ethan and mag!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) first and foremost, i'm not going to lie...this week has been a bit rough. over the weekend, we found out that one of our college friends had passed away. finding out the news felt like someone punched me in the stomach. we've all known each other for over 10 years now, and this is the first time our family of friends has had to deal with something this tragic. for days and even now, i still can't begin to wrap my mind around all of it. how young. how surreal. blech. it makes me sick.

2.) yesterday, we went to her funeral. i loathe funerals. i know, who doesn't? but seriously. so many thoughts ran through my head. they started singing, "amazing grace" and the flood gates exploded. i don't like it when people see me cry. and moreover, i really don't like seeing others cry. because if ever there were a time where i clam up and get super awkward, this is the prime time. i don't know what to say/do/react. like i'm incompetent and helpless so we all just stand there letting the emotions run wild.

3.) on the flip side, all of this has made me realize something. how blessed i am. to have friends within every layer of the onion (from my core handful to the outer realm) who honestly care and love me for who i am. and most importantly, for jay and the family we have started. i don't know what i did to deserve the life i have, but i'm going to grasp it as tight as i can and reciprocate my efforts to those who care. to let everyone know how much they mean to me because you never know when it may be the last time you see them.

4.) (this will be my last "debbie downer" post, i swear.) we've been to 3 funerals in the last 3 months...i've only been to 6 total in my life which includes the last three. the two before this one, i had finally felt that i had come to terms with death. that it was simply life's cycle and inevitable. but this last one just hardly seems fair...

5.) okay whew, glad i got that out of my system. oddly enough, this blog provides a kind of therapy for me. like all my thoughts that keep circling around on the hamster wheel in my head, have been pushed out and done away with. feels relieving. bring me back the chipper kimtastic. here i am!

6.) as of this week, the mabster's gymnastics class has been moved to tuesday nights. tuesday is also when she has dance class in the morning. needless to say, she rocks her leotard all day and is in girly girl bliss. favorite day? it's a given.

7.) why is it that some days the kids won't touch a thing, and the next, they are eating through the walls. growth spurt, much?

8.) this weekend, we'll be celebrating the best husband and father in the world's birthday. he'll be turning 29 (riding the cusp of his dirty thirties) on saturday, and of course we will be carousing in a drunken fashion, home field style. after the week i've had, i NEED a drink! happy birthday, jay!! i love you with all my heart.

9.) "Better to remain silent and be thought dumb, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln

10.) i love when the mabster asks, "are you thinking what i'm thinking?" hmmm. possibly. maybe. um, no.

11.) four birthday functions this weekend...looks like january is a good month for busting out some babies. sheesh.

12.) UAB basketball is kickin some arse and taking names, no doubt. we are ranked #1 in C-USA with the best record in school history (18-2). BOOYAH!!

and lastly,

13.) alert the press: mommy experimented and cooked with absolutely no recipe the other night. we all sat down at the dinner table when the mabster took her first bite and said, "mmmm." admittedly i told her to say, "this dinner is delicious, mommy!"...that's not cheating is it?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

every year for as long as jay and i have known each other, we always go to the circus for his birthday since it always falls during the same time. now that we have kids, there's not a snowballs chance in hell that we will miss it. another tradition that has started to form was that we always attend with our BFFs and sit right beside each other. this year was no different.

(on a side note: grands surprised the kids with the cutest clown t-shirts that she made which included their name embroidered on it. they seriously couldn't have looked any cuter, and it really put them in the crazy colorful circus mood. thank you, grands! check out the wanna-be cingular polls ad...)the greatest show on earth started at 7:30pm, however we arrived a little early around 6:30pm. reason being that we we wanted to take the girls down to the floor so that they could meet some of the clowns, acrobats, animals, and every thing in between. we also met up with tita karmie and her friends, and as always, the mabster enjoyed riding piggyback as she pointed to which direction she wanted to go. we laughed at how some things frightened her, but LOVED watching them act a fool and dance with the clowns on stilts. crazy crackas. oh, and did i mention that there was a table that placed tattoos on their hands? yeah, tita karmie waited in line with the mabster and big B, and they all came back beaming with an all time favorite: tattoos.we head back to our seats and get settled in while the dads go for a concession run. they come back with popcorn, sprite, and cotton candy. immediately, the girls tear into it handfuls at a time. the toshy took to the popcorn while big sis laughed at her "beard" of fuzzy caked on cotton candy. nice. we were set. the show started, and the girls were in awe. here are some pics...overall, we all had a great time. my favorite (as well as tita karmie's) is watching the 7 motorcycles drive around in circles inside the globe. big B said that her favorite was watching the guys jump around on sticks. the mabster's reply? "watching the elephant poop." (followed by tremendous amounts of laughter) i think she just likes saying "poop." ya know. because it's SOO funny. silly mess.

"watch me" wednesday

Sunday, January 24, 2010

happy birthday, mykell!

today, jay and i got the girls ready and headed north to Huntsville's Space and Rocket Center for our nephew mykell's birthday party. the celebration was from 2:00-5:00pm, and we were pretty pumped to go exploring throughout the center. as soon as we got there, we walked over to the concessions area where we sang happy birthday to the special boy. we enjoyed cake and juice as we watched mykell open up his birthday presents.once all of the gifts were opened, we walked around inside and let the girls play with all of the different models and the such. i think their favorite was messing around inside the space station since for once, we didn't have to yell at them for wanting to push buttons. and buttons galore, there were. here are some pics...later, we all walked outside to where the kids got to ride on the miniature space shot thigamajig. the mabster loved it. i was surprised that she didn't get scared on her first ride to the very top. luckily another big girl was sitting beside her laughing and having a great time which i knew helped ease the mabster's unsureness. she really seemed to be loving it though, but jay and i both knew that she's kinda finicky to things at first. we asked if she wanted to go again, and before even getting off the ride, she said no. we immediately laugh because obviously, we know our kid. she is like me in the fact that she can't make up her mind if she was more scared or excited about it all. nonetheless, no sooner than watching it go up and down without her on it, she excitedly waited in line again to give it another go.overall, we all had a great time at the space and rocket center. we haven't been there in years so it was a lot of fun to walk around and look at everything. thank you for having us and happy birthday, cousin mykell! could i forget? c'mon on now ladies and gentlemen...don't expect us to walk around all of those phallic structures without having a bit of our own filthy humor with it. it's just too easy. is. that said, is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? :o)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

bridal shower

today karla maria and i attended a pampered chef bridal shower in honor of sue-sue and her upcoming marriage to leo. sue is also a near and dear sorority sister and all-around the sweetest girl you will ever meet. alpha love, baby. so we get there and chat it up with everyone. the conversations consisted of babies, babies, and well...more babies. it's kinda crazy to see the younger pledge classes all making and popping out babies now. are we really all getting to be that old? i guess so. anyhooters, we order a gift for sue off her registry and it was as easy as cake. all in all, it was great seeing everyone again, and CONGRATS to sue and leo!

Friday, January 22, 2010

"castles and crowns" trunk show

so i told myself that i wouldn't take pictures of this event. and all throughout the night, i never once grabbed my camera. shocking, no? don't get me wrong, there were more than a couple of times that i scanned the room filled with all of the super cute smocking ensembles and framed it in my mind. obviously, the mabster thought different. she must have thought something was wrong with me so she grabbed the camera herself and took one of a few of us in the corner. we practically had to sorority squat on our knees just to get to her eye level. it was pretty funny. i an old sorority sister and friend (kimberly) buzzed me on facebook and asked if i wanted to host a "castles and crowns" trunk show. if you haven't noticed, i have an extremely hard time using the word, "no." it's my biggest fault, hands down. however on the flip side, i really wanted to buy something "fru-fru" for the girls since i never really do. opportunity: taken. i ordered a couple of things which included matching smock bikini bathing suits for the girls. they are so damn ridiculously cute and definitely have me itching for the lake and the beach. my only regret? not getting a picture of them. HA! go figure.

lastly, it was a good night to catch up with some old friends while doing a bit of shopping. also, it was the first time for me to meet and hold laura's little girl (emma cate), and she is definitely a cutie. highlight of the night: kimberly and all of us encouraging karla maria to buy the firetruck shirt with matching seersucker shorts for carson. i believe she has his 2nd birthday party all planned out now, thanks to the coordinating outfit. hehe.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mom's Night Out!

tonight, i met up with the girls for dinner and drinks at superior grill. i don't know what it is about that place that makes me feel like i'm at the beach with good friends. possibly the breezy outdoor patio with the crisp smell of margaritas in the air along with the loud music that makes you perform your own little dancey dance in your seat. it was nice. very nice. super relaxing with bouts of crazy fun, and as always, lots of laughter. the band took pictures for us during break, and in return, we headed to the dance floor to do a lil jiggity jig. here are some tweets from the night that help me remember what was discussed. laugh at your own limit...

- "Did I shave my legs for this?" signs point to hell to the no.
- Live News Report: YB has coined the term "vulture." As in the male version of "cougar."
- The vultures are flying high tonight...
- Tipsy already. Really? Wow. This is nice. Singing "Mr. Jones and me..."
- @lizziola oh, the meat market is in full operation tonight. Disgusting.
- Quote of the night: "Seeing my nipples hard turn me on." oh geez.

had a blast, ladies!! didn't realize just how much i needed that, and i'm glad that everyone claimed that as a precursor to next weekend. hooooty hoooo!!