Friday, January 22, 2010

"castles and crowns" trunk show

so i told myself that i wouldn't take pictures of this event. and all throughout the night, i never once grabbed my camera. shocking, no? don't get me wrong, there were more than a couple of times that i scanned the room filled with all of the super cute smocking ensembles and framed it in my mind. obviously, the mabster thought different. she must have thought something was wrong with me so she grabbed the camera herself and took one of a few of us in the corner. we practically had to sorority squat on our knees just to get to her eye level. it was pretty funny. i an old sorority sister and friend (kimberly) buzzed me on facebook and asked if i wanted to host a "castles and crowns" trunk show. if you haven't noticed, i have an extremely hard time using the word, "no." it's my biggest fault, hands down. however on the flip side, i really wanted to buy something "fru-fru" for the girls since i never really do. opportunity: taken. i ordered a couple of things which included matching smock bikini bathing suits for the girls. they are so damn ridiculously cute and definitely have me itching for the lake and the beach. my only regret? not getting a picture of them. HA! go figure.

lastly, it was a good night to catch up with some old friends while doing a bit of shopping. also, it was the first time for me to meet and hold laura's little girl (emma cate), and she is definitely a cutie. highlight of the night: kimberly and all of us encouraging karla maria to buy the firetruck shirt with matching seersucker shorts for carson. i believe she has his 2nd birthday party all planned out now, thanks to the coordinating outfit. hehe.


Karla said...

Yay! Can't wait to get his shirt monogrammed and get the fire department to make an appearnce at the Splash Pad! My camera thanks Kimberly, but my pocketbook...not so much. ;oD

Anonymous said...

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