Wednesday, January 13, 2010

family skate night!

tonight, we decided to take the girls skating for their first time ever. we ventured over to our nearby skating rink, Funtime Skate Center, where wednesdays are "dollar nights." yup, admission for a buck between 5-8pm. can't beat that, no sir. so once we get there, daddy starts putting on his and the mabster's skates. i notice something, and then this tweet immediately followed, "Daddy refused training skates for the mabster. So ambitious. Solidifies why the 1st born is always the overachiever." seriously though. it was her first time ever, and the man threw up his nose to the thought of her in training skates. i guess i didn't really seem to mind since daddy use to be a skating rink rat himself. he told me that "Funtime skate use to be my 2nd home. My parents used it as a babysitter from the time I was 7 until I turned 14." furthermore, i've been skating with him more than a couple of times in our younger years, and i knew it was the truth. the man has skills.

so they get adjusted and set out for the rink. the mabster starts off slowly by holding both of daddy's hands. later, she switched it up by holding her friend A's hand instead and making a skating train. she was loving it. seriously. absolutely loving it. daddy said that he kept asking her if she wanted to take a break only for her to shake her head no and keep going. here are some pics...meanwhile, the toshy and i sat on the sidelines just cheering them on and of course, doing what i do best (taking pics). well, the toshy was getting restless. she'd watch her big sis roll on by and about threw herself out into the rink after her. she wanted to play too. i look at jay confused as to what to do. he tells me to get her some training skates, and so it began. yup, the toshy gave it a go. words cannot explain the look on her face as she skated around with all the bright lights reflecting off of her. admittedly, daddy pretty much held her up the whole time so that she couldn't fall, but she was ALL.SMILES. god, i love that kid. here are some pics of the toshy in her fierce roller skating action...towards the end of the night, the mabster definitely got the hang of it. she was even telling me that, "mommy, i'll show you how to skate," as she grabbed my hand after i told her that i was scared. god, i love that kid. next thing i know, her and daddy take off for some more laps, but this time without holding hands. that's right, ONE WHOLE lap "all by myself" without falling down. kudos, mabster. you are far better at skating than your mother ever was. ya'll make us so extremely proud. we love you girls...with all our heart.


Karla said...

SOOO CUTE!!! We'll be making the next trip. I KNOW Carson will love it!!

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