Tuesday, January 19, 2010

good morning beautiful day

today after the mabster's dance class, we met up with some friends at our local park. for you see as a stay-at-home-mom, i check the weather channel religiously. if it's going to be another gawgeous day, our arses are going to be out and enjoying it. especially since the rain is suppose to make it's attack again on us tomorrow only to force us back indoors. boo the rain, but at least i'll have an excuse not to go anywhere. i know, i know...like i really needed one.

anyhow, i brought the mabster's pink scooter that santa brought her, and she immediately turned the splash pad (note: water has not been turned back on yet) into her very own obstacle course. she was all over the place, and i practically had to drag her home (hands gripped to the handlebars and all). we ate lunch at the picnic tables and the girls really enjoyed playing with cousin carson and KB. it really turned out to be a warm beautiful day with playmates and fun. here are some pics...