Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

every year for as long as jay and i have known each other, we always go to the circus for his birthday since it always falls during the same time. now that we have kids, there's not a snowballs chance in hell that we will miss it. another tradition that has started to form was that we always attend with our BFFs and sit right beside each other. this year was no different.

(on a side note: grands surprised the kids with the cutest clown t-shirts that she made which included their name embroidered on it. they seriously couldn't have looked any cuter, and it really put them in the crazy colorful circus mood. thank you, grands! check out the wanna-be cingular polls ad...)the greatest show on earth started at 7:30pm, however we arrived a little early around 6:30pm. reason being that we we wanted to take the girls down to the floor so that they could meet some of the clowns, acrobats, animals, and every thing in between. we also met up with tita karmie and her friends, and as always, the mabster enjoyed riding piggyback as she pointed to which direction she wanted to go. we laughed at how some things frightened her, but LOVED watching them act a fool and dance with the clowns on stilts. crazy crackas. oh, and did i mention that there was a table that placed tattoos on their hands? yeah, tita karmie waited in line with the mabster and big B, and they all came back beaming with an all time favorite: tattoos.we head back to our seats and get settled in while the dads go for a concession run. they come back with popcorn, sprite, and cotton candy. immediately, the girls tear into it handfuls at a time. the toshy took to the popcorn while big sis laughed at her "beard" of fuzzy caked on cotton candy. nice. we were set. the show started, and the girls were in awe. here are some pics...overall, we all had a great time. my favorite (as well as tita karmie's) is watching the 7 motorcycles drive around in circles inside the globe. big B said that her favorite was watching the guys jump around on sticks. the mabster's reply? "watching the elephant poop." (followed by tremendous amounts of laughter) i think she just likes saying "poop." ya know. because it's SOO funny. silly mess.


*Yankee Belle* said...

great times, GREAT times!!!