Thursday, January 14, 2010

gymnastics 101

tonight, we loaded up the girls and drove over to the mabster's first gymnastics class. "miss holly" is her teacher's name, and she showed her how to do lots of flips and somersaults. i think the trampoline is and will always be her favorite (at least for awhile), but she did get to enjoy walking on the balance beam and jumping on the spring board and into a flip (with miss holly's help of course). they were also taught basic moves and jumps as well. lil B and the mabster really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and at the end of class, they received "good job" stickers which they wore proudly. seems they have taken a shine to gymnastics. until next week!!just to add on to this, YB and i have decided (hubbies agreed) that these thursday gymnastic nights are going to be their special "daddy/daughter" time while the wives stay home with the younger ones. basically, it's quality male bonding time with their BFFs while the girls play in class. see how considerate we are of their friendship? they married us because we're thoughtful like that. it's true. plus as jay said, "there's a dominos next door." :D