Saturday, January 30, 2010

happy 29th, birthday boy!!

saturday night, we headed to Home Field for some adult entertainment in honor of jaydoug's 29th birthday. mostly everyone arrived around 7:00pm so that we could all sit down and eat dinner before throwing back the drinks. it was nice to chat with everyone before the loud music of the live band drowned our voices out. two hours in and everyone has gotten the small talk out of the way. our bellies were full and ready to soak up some of the liquor that was about to be consumed.

before i go any further, i have to share the classic gift that the mitchelles gave the birthday boy. inside the card read, "we wanted to get you either a golf course or a lamborghini for your birthday, but couldn't decide. so instead, we got you both." check out the following pictures and please note the small cut out heads inside the yellow lamborghini. it was hysterical. good job, guys!here are some pictures of those who came out to help celebrate. this is before the lights were dimmed, before the mood was set, before the band started playing, and before the crazy amounts of here's when the REAL fun began. in all honesty, these pics don't do the dances that were in motion justice. not at all. but i do love the fact that by the end of the night, everyone was schnockered and cutting a rug like no other. the drinks continued to flow as the guys and blue momma sucked down shot after shot. oh and before i forget, here are some tweets throughout the night because i barely remember anything quite honestly. and i do apologize for some of the misspellings and the such. my thumbs were drunk...

- @YankeBell "fill up my cup..mozoltov!!"
- Attention: Loretta has enter the building. Let's get this party started.
- Is watching the BEST trainwreck in history. Hehehe
- Saturday nights at HF = Dunlap Soft Porn
- Bday boy just screamed, "if she's passed out, she can't say no."
- My name is Kim. And I like to dance. Go crazy. Go crazy!!!
- Bday boy is sloppy..slow dancin to pussy control. Baby #3 on way (YB says)
- Quote of nigt via tyler: "that girl is on da pole,& I wouldn't tip her."
- Yb just licked meh face. And I enjoyed it.

overall, jaydoug said he had the BEST birthday ever. he really enjoyed himself with friends and partying it up. in fact, i believe he enjoyed it a bit too much because my the end of the night, he fell asleep on side 1 for a brief moment. everyone kept asking me where he was so i sent him a text that said, "are you okay? where are you at?" he replied back with, "side 1" so off i went to find him. i sneak in through the back and as soon as i turned the corner, there he was...hovered over the trash can with a puke trail following him covered in vomit. it was disgusting. i sober up quickly, clean him off, and then we headed to the kitchen to find the mop and bucket. papa john came to our rescue and volunteered to clean it up himself while jay apologized profusely. i couldn't help but laugh as papa john told jay, "you owe me." lol. he will NEVER live this one down, i tell ya! i haven't seen him that bad since 2002 at pi kapp's crawfish boil. lordy, lordy. here are some of my last tweets of the night/early morning...

- @YankeBell bday boy just yacked all over side 1. Blech. And on tht note, DD will take us home. G'nite yal, had a blazzzast!
- Appreciates Papa John cleaning up jays trail to the trash. Much love.
- Taco Bell run
- @Blue_Momma btw, i thoroughly enjoyed witnessing your victory dance beside him in the car. too funny!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAY!!! my your next year's dirty thirties be a little nicer to ya.


*Yankee Belle* said...

Oh my head...Oh my liver...oh my feet...oh my.