Monday, January 4, 2010

happy birthday, karmie and tre!!

today marked tita karmie's birthday, and last tuesday was uncle tre's birthday. that said, we all decided to collectively celebrate tonight as a family at costa's mediterranean in trussville at 6:00pm. once we get there, we order drinks and exchange birthday cards to the special aging individuals. dinner was great and the company is always awesomatic. so i brought the "birthday sunglasses" because i knew if anyone, these two wouldn't mind hamming it up for a photo. that they did. me lovey them oh-so dearly. happy birthday, karmie and tre!! xoxo


Karla said...

I love the "I don't want to wear the pink sunglasses, you wear them!" trade-off at the end. Happy Birthday, Tre and Karmie!!

Kim said...

yeah, that was hilarious! the poor waitress was standing there waiting for them to decide and get ready...i was like, "c'mon already, guys!" too funny.