Sunday, January 24, 2010

happy birthday, mykell!

today, jay and i got the girls ready and headed north to Huntsville's Space and Rocket Center for our nephew mykell's birthday party. the celebration was from 2:00-5:00pm, and we were pretty pumped to go exploring throughout the center. as soon as we got there, we walked over to the concessions area where we sang happy birthday to the special boy. we enjoyed cake and juice as we watched mykell open up his birthday presents.once all of the gifts were opened, we walked around inside and let the girls play with all of the different models and the such. i think their favorite was messing around inside the space station since for once, we didn't have to yell at them for wanting to push buttons. and buttons galore, there were. here are some pics...later, we all walked outside to where the kids got to ride on the miniature space shot thigamajig. the mabster loved it. i was surprised that she didn't get scared on her first ride to the very top. luckily another big girl was sitting beside her laughing and having a great time which i knew helped ease the mabster's unsureness. she really seemed to be loving it though, but jay and i both knew that she's kinda finicky to things at first. we asked if she wanted to go again, and before even getting off the ride, she said no. we immediately laugh because obviously, we know our kid. she is like me in the fact that she can't make up her mind if she was more scared or excited about it all. nonetheless, no sooner than watching it go up and down without her on it, she excitedly waited in line again to give it another go.overall, we all had a great time at the space and rocket center. we haven't been there in years so it was a lot of fun to walk around and look at everything. thank you for having us and happy birthday, cousin mykell! could i forget? c'mon on now ladies and gentlemen...don't expect us to walk around all of those phallic structures without having a bit of our own filthy humor with it. it's just too easy. is. that said, is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? :o)