Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy birthday, nan!!

tonight, we headed over to the nan's house in honor of her birthday last week. since everyone was too busy to celebrate on the actual day, it was planned for tonight. mom brought over some yummy chinese takeout, and everyone pretty much inhaled it. we all sat at the dinner table and talked away.

after wards, the kiddos held hands and walked around in circles while playing with each other. we stayed a lot later than the norm just hanging out and spending quality time with family. in fact, the mabster sang loudly while american idol played, and next thing we know, everyone is holding hands singing "ring around the rosies." she was definitely hamming it up and the most talkative i've ever seen her. simply smashing. here's a picture of us with "the nan."lastly, the above picture was hilarious while taking. for you see, this time around we needed everyone's help for the traditional "birthday fingers" picture. so jay had to set up the timer on my camera and run in order to make the pic. papa john is nearly falling off the couch behind us, but his fingers were ready and prepared. also notice if you will that the toshy is holding up 3 fingers, but mommy's big ole hand is covering them. all in all, the pic turned out great, and nan has requested a hard copy of it. so here's to you, nan...happy 73rd birthday (and not a finger less)!! we love you! xoxo


Karla said...

Happy Birthday, Nan!!