Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"in the books"

so i was searching through my catalog of pictures trying to find an appropriate one for my "wordless wednesday" when i ran across this one. then it hit me that i haven't blogged it yet. (gasp) that means it never happened!? tsk, tsk, i must be obviously slacking here.

(backpedal if you will...)

well for christmas, one of jay's presents to me was this beloved blog printed out for me and turned into 3 hardback books. practically, one book per each year. how awesome is that? now all my rantings, all my pictures, all of the "little moments" as well as the BIG life events are documented into a hard copy. it's literally and figuratively "in the books" shall we say. i love it. i think it's the best gift ever because after spending too many late nights typing up my children's most precious occasions in life, in turn, they will have something to look at and read once i pass it down to them. (ya know, when they're 35 with children of their own so that they can relate and understand a mother's sarcastic witty humor. and occasional curse words. and inappropriate pictures. and... well, you get the idea.)

just to add on to that, i'd like to say that long gone are the days of scrapbooking. it's so last decade. :D sadly enough, i no longer have use for all the embellishments downstairs because the blog is here to stay. my scrapbooks have pictures that speak a thousand words...but my blog tops it with narration and a whollatta personal creativity that if bottled up for a rainy day, it's quite comforting. so thanks, jay. thank you for my gift that keeps giving.


Elizabeth said...

That is an awesome gift!!!