Monday, January 4, 2010

mcwane, & mexican, & snuggies! oh my!

after living without our normal daily activities for what felt like forever, words cannot express how great it felt to get out of the house and into some sort of routine again. so today the girls and i headed out the door to meet some friends at the mcwane center. i thought i needed to renew our membership so i was pleasantly surprised to find out that we get at least one more month for free. score. the girls had so much fun and burned off all the contained energy that's been festering over the holidays. the toshy loved playing in the "just mice size" area, as well as the mabster. here are some pics...gotta love that YB. after keeping warm and playing indoors at the mcwane, we all headed over to sabor latino for a late lunch around 1:00pm. the place was empty, and it was perfect timing since the prime lunchtime had faded away. so they take one look at us and sit us in our typical section which we call "the stage" located in the very back of the restaurant. this area is so utterly kid-friendly it's ridiculous. it's a good thing too considering we were the sabor school bus lunch bunch where the midget to mommy ratio was 3:1. did i mention they love us? no seriously. i swear we keep that place in business, screaming kids and all.

anyhooters, "baby, it's cold outside" was an understatement. it was more like, "baby, it's MF'in cold outside." yes. THAT cold. alright, rewind. for christmas, i bought YB her own collegiate alabama football snuggie. with the season they've had, she deserves to wear it and even more so proudly in public. furthermore, the frigid weather called for it so donning it at lunch was a necessity. you've got to compliments the chips and salsa she's eating, no? good time, indeed. whoop, whoop for the sabor lunch bunch!


*Yankee Belle* said...

I will never eat Mexican without my snuggie again. =)

*Yankee Belle* said...
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