Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK day playdate

today blue momma hosted a playdate at her house. it has become a pattern that she usually has a fun outdoors playgroup during a holiday in which we know the kids will all be out of school that day. we really look forward to watching everyone play with their friends since conflicting school schedules make playdates even harder the older they get.

also as for me, my sanity thanks these get-togethers because after almost being tempted to build and arc for the flood over the weekend, i couldn't wait to feel some sunshine on my face. not to mention, the girls really needed to run around in some fresh air and burn off some pent up energy. job: accomplished. playdate: success. girls: happy. mommy: thankful.

one thing's for sure...the weather today definitely has me itching for some SPRING! thanks for having us, BM!!