Saturday, January 9, 2010

saturday morning, we wake up early and drive to nashville. we literally pulled the girls out of their beds while still asleep and in their pajammies and put them in the car. as we arrived closer to the music city, we stopped, filled up on gas, and changed them into their dresses. the reason for our venture was to be there for a dear friend as she said her final farewell to her father. we arrived at the church around 10:30am and then shortly after was the entombment in the mausoleum. later, a casual reception took place at her mom's house where we enjoyed some drinks and food.

the day was cold and the snow continued to fall. as we drove up that morning, i couldn't help but notice all of the frozen ponds. they made me want to go all Henry David Thoreau. ya know, poetic & stuff. it felt really good being there and just thinking about life's different cycles. i digress. so the girls are having a ball playing with other playmates in the upstairs den. so much giggling took place, especially after jay came up with the tickles. it was comforting to see everyone that i had just met the last time we were all there, as well as a few of her NY friends. now i can actually put some faces to names. the day wounded down, and we made our way back home. notice the toshy as soon as we loaded her up in the car. so.stinkin.sweet. both girls napped the whole way home...which is definitely jay and i's favorite because we actually get to get some adult conversation in while listening to our favorite songs.once we made our way into birmingham, we stopped to eat dinner at cracker barrell. can i just say that the girls inhaled some dumplins? soon after, back to lola and pawpaw's house they went while jay and i drove 10 more minutes over to tita karmie's house for her "name your own reason" party. we walk in, make us a cup of the hunch punch, and then grab a seat on the couch beside karmie and all her friends as we listen to some hilarious stories of their past drunken debauchery days. my cheeks began hurting. for you see, we always end up talking about our mother and what we have learned from her. in all honesty, tita karmie performs the best lola impersonations ever. later, we all played a game of catchphrase where the laughter and screams are always a good time because we loves some healthy competition.we left around 10:00pm to pick up the girls from lola and pawpaw's house. per karmie's facebook status, she "went to bed at 7am because catchphrase and trivial pursuit is that intense." yowzas, that's impressive. lastly, above are some pics of karmie with her bestestes. and how awesome does tre look in the zebra snuggie!? pure awesomeness. thanks for having us, tita karmie and roomies! and thanks to lola for constantly watching our munchkins so that we can have some adult time. we love you more than you will ever know!