Thursday, January 7, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) today is a SNOW DAY!! schools are closed so the girls and i are snuggled in staying warm. as i sit here and type this, i'm looking out my window and watching it fall. simply beautiful.

2.) when i opened the blinds this morning to show the girls, the first thing out of the mabster's mouth was, "mommy, why is it raining snow?" followed by a "yippee!" love that kid.

3.) confession: i forgot to invite the birthday boy to his own bash. and it's not a surprise party either. oops. WIFE.OF.THE.YEAR. right here, ladies and gentlemen. right here.

4.) this weekend, our friends tony and maloney are having a homecoming party to welcome back a mutual friend (merriss) from his second tour in iraq. we've missed the guy and can't wait to see everybody again.

5.) today is the nan's birthday, and we'll be celebrating with family some time next week. i'll have to warm up and stretch my fingers in order to help her with the traditional birthday pic. happy birthday, nan!

6.) as i drove into our neighborhood the other day, i saw 2 huge beasts running around. pulled up to our driveway and knew that the hubs would gladly appreciate the fact that the burly neighborhood dogs did NOT knock over our trash cans today. the neighbors? not so much.

7.) "My advice for a good life is to stay busy, involved, and interested." ~ Anna Sloggett

8.) (in reference to kate gosselin's new 'do) farewell reverse're so 2009. hello hair plug extensions! and so kate's twenty ten begins...

9.) the toshy has been fighting a fierce cold all week. she's been so pitiful and needy that i can't seem to do anything because all she wants momma to do is hold her. so i do. yesterday was the worst, but thankfully, she seems to be doing much better today. proof: i get to sit still and write these.

10.) also this weekend, tita karmie and roomies are having a "choose your own reason..." house party. in the invite, they provided a list from A-Z where you fill in the blank with your own reason for coming. i was torn between choosing "Nothing legal is going on in Roebuck tonight, but this." or "Y2K 10th anniversary." however in reality, i'm really going for this reason, "Thirty-Three, got to let it be! Happy Birthday Karmie!"

11.) revelation: usage of our fireplace has increased significantly within the past 2 weeks as opposed to the 5 years we've been living here. it's been oh-so very nice.

12.) i think it's funny that as parents we try to encourage and teach our kids proper manners only for them to backfire in our face. for example, a couple of days ago daddy asked, "abby, will you hand me the remote." and she responds with, "no thank you." see. it's an honest answer with a hint of politeness. good job, midget. daddy loves it.

and lastly,

13.) here's a retweet from funnyordie that i thought was pretty comical- "It's nice to start a New Year by being as lazy and unproductive as possible. Get that annual low point out of the way."


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