Thursday, January 14, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) tonight the mabster starts her very first gymnastics class at 5:45pm. she is beyond excited about it and has asked "when are we going?" for weeks now. her BFF will be in the same class, and as parents, we're all pretty pumped too. especially the dads since they actually get to watch this hobby since it doesn't conflict with working hours. yippee!

2.) thanks to my copious amounts of daily tweets, these thursday's thirteen posts are fairly easy to come up with. plus, my memory is fading so cut and pasting is utterly and completely satisfying.

3.) here are two tweets from late tuesday night..."kids asleep. watching "star trek" in man cave & no sooner than 10 minutes in of the movie, i am bawling like a lil bitch. someone hold me..." also, "two cold bodies. one snuggie. badass movie. that is all." really though, it's a great movie. highly recommend it.

4.) the mabster said the funniest thing the other day. at least we thought it was hysterical. so jay exited the bathroom and the oldest asked, "daddy, did you have galleria?" *snicker, snicker*

5.) nap time can cure all ailments.

6.) after enduring juicy pillow talk the other night, jay and i have agreed that we no longer have need or want for material things. instead, we are planning on pinching pennies for things that really make quality family memories. what's that you might ask? trips. vacations. traveling. weekends away with the ones we love. because in all honesty, what's the point in blowing all of your money on something you won't truly remember? also, the girls are finally at a decent age where they can both be fairly independent. that said, saving for a nice family vacation never felt so deserving. where's my bologna and ramen noodles?

7.) this week, i have been spanking the house's arse. and he is enjoying it. thoroughly. also, now we have lots of clean underwear. yay for small victories!

8.) so jay has been kicking butt in jiu jitsu lately. literally. he'll come home with worn out red eyes, but enough excitement to kill a horse. he told me that he is close to receiving his blue belt. and if i would come to take pictures of him when he finally does. ummmm, does the man even need to ask? really? does he not KNOW me already?

9.) "Everyone has the power to make others happy. Some do it by entering the room, others by leaving the room." - Amber Lesesne

10.) you know what's great about having a friend practicing in pretty much every aspect of the health field? FREE PEDIATRIC EYE EXAMS!! today after school, i'll be taking both of the girls to be examined by a friend who is close to graduating optometry school. this means no co-pay and no doc visit since most schools require one before admittance anyway. i've been told that they are valid for 2 years. score.

11.) best motto ever: "happy wife, happy life." the man who came up with that saying is a genius. in fact, if more men took note of it instead of using their wife as a doormat, the world would be a better place. it's so simple, but seriously, it really works. be nice to a wife. act today.

12.) i love when new friends join the facebook, and everybody gives them the obligatory "so you finally caved?, welcome to the time suck" hello. because in all honesty, nothing gives you the warm and fuzzies like the honeymoon phase. welcome to facebook, maloney! strictly business, i know. but be prepared, i'm tagging your kid from my pics as of tomorrow.

and lastly,

13.) this weekend, we've got absolutely no plans. none. zilch. nada. nothing. so we are taking full advantage of it and heading up to the lake. our "home away from home." doing nothing, but listening to the rain fall on the tin roof of the lakehouse. i wish we were there already...